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From 15 June 2023

Browse 2023: Complementary phase starts on June 15

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Have you received no positive admission responses to date? The additional phase starts on June 15 and allows you to make new wishes for courses with vacancies. The selection and admission proposals phase runs from 1er June and July 7. Find the 2023 calendar of milestones and the essential dates to remember.

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Parcoursup is the national platform for pre-enrollment in the first year of higher education. All students and students seeking guidance (including apprenticeship status) wishing to enroll in the first year of higher education must prepare a dossier and express their wishes according to a defined timetable.

The Order on the 2023 timetable for the national pre-registration procedure on Parcoursup was published in the Official Journal of 2 March 2023.


you can make up to 10 wishes, all over the territory, and there is no ranking.


for the vast majority of apprenticeship vows, there is no limit on entry as of march 9. The deadline for submitting a vow is set by the training institution, up to 12 September 2023.

you will find all the information on the browse platform.

Dates for 2023

The main phase of the national pre-registration process is open on the Parcoursup platform until 13 July 2023 inclusive.

The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  • 20 December 2022: opening of the information site travelsup.fr with the course search engine;
  • 18 January 2023 (23:59 Paris time): opening of the Parcoursup platform and formulation of wishes (10 wishes maximum);
  • 9 March 2023 (23:59 Paris time): deadline for the submission of vows (after 9 March, it is no longer possible to add or modify vows in his file (except vows in apprenticeship whose rules are specific);
  • 6 April 2023 (23:59 Paris time): Deadline to complete his file, confirm his wishes and modify the number of sub-wishes when they are unlimited;
  • 1er june 2023: Initiate the main intake phase (training responses). The institutional response and candidate selection phase is open from 1er June to July 7, 2023 inclusive.
  • June 15 to September 12, 2023: complementary phase.


if you have not received a positive admission response at a higher institution to which you have applied, you have a complementary phase takes place from 15 June to 12 September 2023. During this phase, you can making new wishes for training with vacancies.


the deadline for requesting consideration of a change of domicile is may 15, 2023 inclusive.

The deadline by which selective trainings, which organize eligibility phases in their selection procedure, can notify applicants of decisions of inadmissibility is 15 May 2023.

What types of training on Parcoursup?

  • Non-selective university education: the different licenses, specific routes access santé (PASS) and preparatory courses for the teaching of schools (EPP). Candidates may access the non-selective courses of their choice at the university, subject to the availability of places.
  • Selective training: CPGE (preparatory classes for colleges), BTS, BUT, DNMADE, schools of architecture, engineers, commerce and management, IFSI (nursing training institutes) and other paramedical training, EFTS (social work training establishments), institutes of political studies, the 4 French national veterinary schools (ENV), training in the professions of culture, animation and sport, training of the Navy, the Army, etc.
  • Apprenticeship training: these trainings allow training to take place by alternating periods in the training center and in the company. Learning is offered in different training courses (BTS, BUT, Bachelor's degree...). You can be accompanied to find an employer and sign your apprenticeship contract.


art and performing arts schools are available in the Parcoursup search engine, but for many of them, applications must be made outside of Parcoursup directly with the institutions. For each school concerned, the application procedures are specified in the detailed training sheet.

If the course you wish to register for is not part of the Parcoursup procedure, contact the relevant institution directly to inform you about the admission procedures.

How do I access information?

For each course, a factsheet details practical information about the school, the courses offered, the skills and knowledge expected, advice for the students, criteria for examining applications, possibilities for further study, professional opportunities and any training costs. Similar training courses are also available to expand your choices.

If you have a disability, you also have on each training sheet the contact details of the reference disability. Don't hesitate to contact him to find out about the accessibility of the premises and the possible facilities.

One search engine gives you access to all the training available for the 2023 session.


the Onisep website also allows you to get information to prepare your orientation project.

How do I register for Parcoursup?

To register, you will need the following:

  • a valid e-mail address to be kept up to date until the end of the procedure;
  • your national student identifier (INE - composed of 10 digits and 1 letter or 9 digits and 2 letters - or INAA in agricultural high school). If you are studying abroad (outside French foreigner high schools), check the box “I don't have an INE”;
  • your transcript for the advanced tests of the bac.

The tax notice of your parents or guardians is necessary if you request a preparatory class from the colleges with boarding school or want to perform a simulation of the award of higher education scholarships on social criteria.

Please note

when registering, you must enter a valid and regularly accessed email address and a password. A file number is assigned to you. Keep these items safe. You can also download the Parcoursup app on your mobile phone.