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From 30 May 2024

Admissions results have started in Parcoursup!

Publié le 29 février 2024 - Mise à jour le 31 mai 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

As of May 30, the 2024 admissions results are delivered continuously in the Parcoursup platform. You can look at the responses to your wishes. Reminder of upcoming deadlines with Service-Public.fr.

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From May 30 to June 11, 2024, you receive the results of training admissions you have requested in the BrowseSup platform. Careful, responses are suspended between june 16 and 23, during the baccalaureate written tests.

From 11 June, you have access to the additional admission phase: you have the possibility to express up to 10 new wishes for training courses that still have places available.

From 1er by july 3, you will have to prioritize your still-pending vows.

July 12 marks the end of the main intake phase.


You are a high school student or parent, download the module on your smartphone or computer Browse Calendar of Service-Public.fr to remember the key dates of the procedure!

The training offer

23,000 trainings are offered on Parcoursup in 2024. They can be accessed via a search engine that can be used to find, for example, licenses, higher technician certificates (BTS) or preparatory classes for colleges (CPGE).

For each course, a detailed sheet tells you:

  • the dates of the open days;
  • the criteria for analyzing applications;
  • the possibilities for further study after such training;
  • job opportunities,
  • the status of training (public or private);
  • integration rates;
  • any costs of training.

Please note

some courses are not included in the course of the course (e.g. business and management schools, specialized schools, institutes of political studies); you should contact the relevant institution directly to find out what steps to take.

Reminder of 2024 deadlines

From 17 January to 3 April inclusive: registration on the platform, compilation of the file and formulation of wishes
  • from 17 january to 14 march inclusive : registration on the platform, creation of the "candidate file" and formulation of wishes;
  • March 14 : closure of requests for wishes;
  • April 3 : last day to confirm your wishes and to finalize your file with the elements requested by the trainings.
From 30 May to 12 July inclusive: receipt of final replies and final choice
  • May 30 : start of the continuous replies to be consulted in Parcoursup, the replies are mandatory within the indicated deadlines;
  • from 16 to 23 June : suspension of answers during this period to allow students to focus on the baccalaureate tests;
  • from 11 June to 12 September :: additional admission phase, allowing up to 10 new wishes to be expressed in the training courses that still have places available;
  • July 8 : results of the bachelor's degree, you will be able to make your administrative registration in the training you integrate;
  • July 12 : End of the main admission phase, last day to accept a proposal for enrollment in this phase.

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The Parcoursup platform allows formulating up to 10 greetings (with the possibility to also indicate sub-wishes for certain training courses). And 10 more wishes for apprenticeship training.

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