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Tourism is recruiting: learning about vacancies and occupations in the sector

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Thousands of jobs are open in the tourism trades. To support industry companies in their search for candidates, the government is launching a mass outreach campaign. Scheduled until December 2023, it focuses on career diversity and refers to a centralized job posting site.

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Tourism is recruiting, and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial Sovereignty is making this known in a major media campaign scheduled for over a year, until December 2023.

Videos, posters, advertising pages refer to the site, which is both a platform for promoting and presenting the 90 professions in the 9 sectors related to tourism, and a central place for thousands of job offers.

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the diversity of jobs and careers available in a dynamic and important sector of the country's economy. However, the strong recovery of this sector after the COVID crisis is likely to be hampered by recruitment difficulties for companies, which face a shortage of candidates due to the reputation of highly constrained professions.

Staffing requirements will increase over the coming seasons, including the rugby world cup in 2023 and the Olympic Games in 2024. In response, this campaign aims to attract young people in a situation of orientation or job search to training leading to these trades, or people undergoing vocational retraining.

You can consult the job offers by business, location, contract and industry.