Shared custody

Divorced parents: everything you need to know about caring for children during holidays

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You're divorced and your children are in shared custody. The organization of holidays is a source of many questions for separated parents. The record of titled

In case of divorce, how to organize the child's life?

give you all the relevant information!

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How is the right of access and accommodation organized during school holidays? Can I go abroad with my children during the holidays? What if the other parent objects? Who is responsible for the transport costs? Should I hand over my child's personal belongings to the other parent? Who should have the child's administrative and medical documents? Do you have to pay alimony during the holidays?

In the majority of cases, the terms of the judgment will apply first.

For answers to these questions or to know the necessary steps, you can refer to the fact sheet of In case of divorce, how to organize the child's life?