Urinary tract infection: Your pharmacist may offer you a test

Publié le 22 janvier 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The 2024 Social Security Funding Act expands pharmacists’ competencies. They can now offer a urine test directly from the pharmacy and without a prescription if cystitis is suspected.

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Since November 2023, the process of conducting the UTI test has been simplified. A pharmacist can now offer you a test directly, in a pharmacy and without a prescription. This possibility was set out in the Social Security Financing Act for 2024 published in the Official Journal December 27, 2023.

The test is for women aged 16 to 65, under conditions. For example, you cannot do this if:

  • you are pregnant or if there is a risk of pregnancy;
  • you have had a urinary tract infection in the last 15 days;
  • you have had more than three episodes of urinary tract infection in the last 12 months.

You can go directly to the pharmacy without first consulting a doctor.

Please note

performing the test in a pharmacy costs €6. It is covered by the Health Insurance at 70%, the remaining 30% is covered by your health supplement.

How is a pharmacy screening done?

Screening consists of urine test. The pharmacist checks the woman’s symptoms for signs of serious illness (fever, hypothermia, etc.). The patient is given a bottle and can use the pharmacy's washroom facilities.

The pharmacist does a test using a dipstick, which may or may not confirm a urinary tract infection:

  • if the test is positive: the pharmacist will refer the woman to her doctor, who may prescribe a drug.
  • if the test is negative: the pharmacist excludes the diagnosis of UTI and refers the woman to a doctor.

The result is known within minutes. Regardless of the result, the results of the screening are passed on to the woman's doctor.


have you ever seen a doctor? He can hand you over a “conditional” order : if you do the test in the pharmacy and it is positive, you will be able to get the antibiotic treatment directly from this prescription.