Administrative procedures

The ANTS, which accompanies you to obtain your identity documents, becomes France Titles

Publié le 06 mars 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS) is responsible for administering your applications for passports, identity cards, driving licenses or vehicle registration certificates. It can now also use the name ‘France Titres’.

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The new name of the National Agency for Secure Titles, enacted by a decree published on February 28, 2024 in Official Journal, accompanied by a clarification of its tasks.

This public administrative institution, which can now be called France Titres, has its missions constantly evolving in the current context of dematerialization of your identity documents and administrative procedures. Currently, he is responsible for the France Identité program, a free and optional application implemented by the government that allows you to prove your identity online provided you have an identity card in the new “bank card” format. With this application, you can access the dematerialized driving licenseavailable throughout the country since 14 February 2024.

On the site de France Titres - Agence nationale des titres sécurité, you can already:

  • renew your identity card or passport;
  • register for the driving license examination;
  • change the address on your identity card or passport;
  • request the manufacture of your driving license;
  • change the address on your vehicle's registration certificate;
  • register a vehicle for the first time in France;
  • etc.

Please note

the institution nevertheless retains the use of its original name; on the homepage of the website it is indicated as ‘France Titres - Agence nationale des titre sécurité’.