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The ceilings for resources to benefit from the solidarity-based health supplement have been increased

Publié le 04 avril 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If you have modest resources, you can benefit from the complementary health solidarity to be helped in your health expenses. Depending on your income level, the device is free or paid for. The ceilings on resources for eligibility have been increased, following a decree published in Official Journal 29 march 2024.

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Depending on your resources, the complementary health solidarity (C2S):

  • costs you nothing;
  • costs you less than 1 € per day.

The ceilings for the allocation of the Solidarity Health Complementary were increased on 1er April 2024.

Tableau - Ceilings on resources to be able to benefit from the complementary health solidarity in mainland France

Number of persons in the household

Annual limit of resources to benefit from C2S without financial participation from you

Annual ceiling of resources to benefit from C2S with a financial contribution from you

1 person



2 people



3 people



4 people



More than 4 people

€21,348, + €4,066 for each additional household member over 4 people

€28,820, + €5,490 for each additional household member over 4 people

You can see here a table of resource ceilings applied in the overseas departments and in Mayotte.

The resources taken into account are those that you received during the 12 months preceding the penultimate month of your application. For example, for an application made in April 2024, the reference period is between 1er March 2023 and February 29, 2024. You can check your eligibility for the solidarity health supplement thanks to a simulator of the portal

The application for a solidarity-based health supplement may be made:

  • online, on your ameli account;
  • by sending to your health insurance fund an application form completed and accompanied by the supporting documents requested.

After receiving your application, your health insurance fund will review your application within 2 months and inform you of its decision.

If your application is accepted, your entire household benefits from the complementary health solidarity, in other words:

  • yourself;
  • your Civil partnership, partner or partner (civil solidarity pact);
  • dependants under 25 years of age.


the solidarity health supplement allows you to pay health expenses not covered by the compulsory health insurance. Thanks to it, you can therefore benefit from the payment of all your expenses, without having to advance them, for a certain number of medical services (drugs, medical consultations, hospitalizations, certain glasses, hearing aids and dental...).