What if maintenance is unpaid and the debtor abroad?

Verified 16 June 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You're touching a maintenance from the other parent for the maintenance and upbringing of your child? Your ex-husband or ex-wife pays you a compensatory benefit ? You get help called maintenance obligation on behalf of ascendant or a descendant  ?

If the person who owes you this support does not pay it to you and lives abroad, you can hire a procedure for the recovery of maintenance claims abroad.

This request aims to recover the amounts due, with the help of the Office for the Recovery of Maintenance Claims Abroad (RCA) of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Step 1

You must send your full application file by post or by mail to office for the recovery of maintenance claims abroad.

If necessary, this service can help you build your application file.

Who shall I contact
Step 2

After receiving your file, the CAR office sends it to the central state authority in which the person who owes you maintenance resides.

If you do not know the place of residence of the parent who owes you money and the address of his or her employers, the CAR undertakes, if necessary, research with the authorities of the countries concerned.

If this initial search is unsuccessful, you can complain for family abandonment.

In case of financial difficulties, and under certain conditions, you can apply legal aid to get the support you are owed.

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