Tenant insurance: optional additional insurance

Verified 16 July 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The tenant of a dwelling is obliged to take out a minimum dwelling insurance. In addition, he can subscribe optional guarantees to be better covered in case of a disaster. The multi-risk housing contract allows you to take out compulsory insurance and optional guarantees in a single contract. The rules apply regardless of your nationality and the length of your stay in France.

Insurance multi-risk housing is a flexible home insurance contract.

It contains the mandatory guarantee rental risk and optional additional housing-related guarantees.

There are several multi-risk housing formulas, depending on the offers of the insurers and the needs of the insured.

Insurance multi-risk housing may cover in particular the following items:

  • Furniture, clothing and household appliances
  • Valuables
  • Beautifications made in your accommodation (painting, wallpaper, kitchen or bathroom fittings...)


the value of the guaranteed objects may be capped by the contract. This needs to be checked.

The basic home risk insurance guarantee protects your home against the following risks:

Optional warranties include:

  • Theft
  • Damage to electrical appliances
  • Legal protection (for example, covering legal costs for a neighborhood dispute or a dispute with a plumber)
  • School civil liability
  • Civil liability
  • Assistance at home (in case of personal injury, the insurer offers assistance services such as household help or childcare)

Optional guarantees may be present in the basic formula of some contracts.

You should check your contract to see if these guarantees are in your basic formula or if they are optional.

The guarantee recourse of neighbors and third parties is almost always offered at the same time as the rental risk guaranteeBut it has to be a separate one. It is often included in the contract multi-risk housing.

With this warranty, you can be compensated if a disaster occurs in your home and causes injury or damage to your neighbors. Your insurer will compensate you, but within the limits set out in the contract.

However, this warranty does not cover your property.