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Tenant insurance: optional supplementary insurance

Verified 23 October 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

In addition to the minimum compulsory insurance, the tenant may take out optional guarantees which may be useful in certain circumstances.

The home multihazard includes the required warranty rental risks and additional housing-related guarantees that may extend to full coverage.

There are several forms of home multirisk, depending on the offers of insurers and the needs of the insured.

Insurance home multihazard covers in particular:

  • your furniture, clothing and appliances,
  • your valuables,
  • the embellishments carried out in your accommodation (painting, wallpaper, furnishing of the kitchen or the bathroom...).


the value of the guaranteed items can be capped by the contract. This should be checked.

With this insurance, you guarantee your property against:

Guarantees may be included as a basic feature of contracts or may be offered as an option.

Options include:

  • flight,
  • damage to electrical appliances,
  • legal protection (e.g. the cost of legal costs for a neighborhood dispute or a dispute with a plumber),
  • civil liability,
  • civil liability,
  • home help (in case of personal injury, the insurer offers you help services such as a housekeeper or a baby-sitter).

It is therefore necessary to check in your contract whether you have the right to these guarantees or whether they are optional.

The guarantee recourse by neighbors and third parties is almost always offered at the same time as rental risk guarantee, but it must be subscribed separately. It is often included in the contract home multihazard..

With this guarantee, if water damage, explosion, fire or collapse occurs in your home and causes personal injury or damage to property to your neighbors, your insurer will compensate them, within the limits of the contract.

However, your property will not be guaranteed by this insurance.