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Declarative or pre-funded Cesu: what differences?

Verified 06 July 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Economy

The universal employment service check is:

  • or a job title, which allows, in particular, the declaration of an employee (Cesu: titleContent declaratory),
  • or a special payment instrument enabling an employee to be paid in whole or in part (Cesu: titleContent prefunded)

The individual may use the reportable or pre-funded UEC for personal services.

Differences between the Declarative Cesu and the Pre-Funded Cesu



Pre-funded Cesu (or Cesu)

What's it for?

The Declarative allows report staff employed at your home as part of personal services

The Pre-funded Cesu allows pay a personal service organisation or pay an employee

In what form?

Dematerialised or booklet of 20 social paper shutters

Payment document that is in the form of a nominal check and a defined amount

What for?

Cleaning, ironing, school support...

Attention : for the employment of a registered maternal assistant and a child care worker at home, the declaration must be made at Pajemploymentif you have Caf: titleContent or MSA: titleContent.

All personal services can be paid by Cesu titles (DIY, school support, childcare...)


Enables you to fulfil your employer obligations, including:

- Statement of Remuneration to the Urssaf

- Payment of social contributions

- Preparation of pay slips

- Compensation for a direct employee or a certified maternal assistant

- Payment of the invoice of a registered or registered organisation personal services or a childcare facility (nursery, child-care centre...)

How to join?

Where to get them?

- Internet Cesu National Centre

- By mail: Centre national du Chèque universal service - 63, rue de la Montat - 42 961 Saint-Étienne Cedex 9

Awarded by:

- employers (public or private),

- Social and Economic Committee,

- public or private bodies which award social benefits (department services, communal social action centres, social security funds, pension funds, mutual funds...)

How do I pay your benefits or your employee?

Check, bank transfer, pre-funded Cesu or Cesu+ if you have joined this device

With the payment document that has been granted to you

Who can help me?

Find who can answer your questions in your region