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Declarative or pre-financed Eesu: what differences?

Verified 04 juillet 2019 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Economy

The individual may use the pre-funded or declarative EESS for personal services.

Differences between the Declarative Cesu and the Prefinanced Cesu


Declarative Cesu

Pre-financed Cesu (or Cesu title)

What's the point?

Allows declare personnel employed at your home in the context of personal services 

Allows pay a personal service organization or pay an employee

In what form?

Dematerialized or booklet of 20 social paper vouchers

Payment document in the form of a nominal check and a defined amount

For what?

Cleaning, ironing, school support...

Attention :: for the employment of a registered mother's assistant and an employee for home childcare, the statement shall be made at Pajemploisif you havethe Caf or MSA..

All personal services can be paid by Cesu titles (DIY, school support., childcare...)


Enables you to fulfill your employer obligations:

- declaration of remuneration to the Urssaf,

- payment of social security contributions,

- preparation of salary slips...

- Remuneration of an employee employed directly or of a registered mother's assistant

- Payment of the invoice of a registered or approved personal services or a childcare center (nursery, day-care center...)

How to join?

Where to get them?


to Cesu National Center

By mail:

National Employment Check Center universal service - 63, rue de la Montat - 42 961 Saint-Étienne cedex 9

Granted by:

- Employers (public or private)

- The Social and Economic Committee (SSC)

- And public or private bodies that award social benefits (general councils, communal centers for social action, social security funds, pension funds, mutual funds, etc.)

How do I pay your benefits or your employee?

Check, bank transfer, pre-financed Cesu

or Cesu+ if you have joined this device

With the payment document you have been granted