Declarative or pre-funded Cesu: what differences?

Verified 06 July 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Economy

The universal service employment check is:

  • or an employment title, which makes it possible, in particular, to declare an employee (Cesu: titleContent declarative),
  • or a special payment document, which makes it possible to pay an employee in whole or in part (Cesu: titleContent pre-funded)

The individual may use the Reportable or Pre-funded Eesc as part of personal services.

Tableau - Differences between the declarative and pre-funded Eesc


Declarative Cesu

Pre-financed Eesc (or Eesc title)

What is it for?

The Declarative Cesu allows you to declare personnel employed at your home in connection with personal services

The Cesu pre-financed allows you to pay for a personal services organization or reward an employee

In what form?

Dematerialized or book of 20 paper social components

Payment document in the form of a registered check and a defined amount

For what?

Cleaning, ironing, school support...

Caution : for the employment of a registered childminder and an employee for home childcare, the declaration must be made to Pajemploi if you have Caf: titleContent or MSA: titleContent.

All personal services can be remunerated by Cesu titles (DIY, school support, childcare...)


Fulfills your employer obligations, including:

- Declaration of remuneration to the Urssaf

- Payment of social security contributions

- Preparation of salary slips

- Remuneration of a directly employed employee or an approved childminder

- Payment of the invoice of a declared or approved personal services or a childcare facility (crèche, drop-in center, etc.)

How to join?

Where to get them?

- By Internet at Cesu National Center

- By post: Center national du Chèque emploi universal service - 63, rue de la Montat - 42 961 Saint-Étienne Cedex 9

Granted by:

- employers (public or private),

- the Social and Economic Committee (ESC),

- public or private bodies which award social benefits (department services, communal social action centers, social security funds, pension funds, mutual societies, etc.)

How to pay your benefits or your employee?

Check, bank transfer, pre-financed Cesu or Cesu+ if you have subscribed to this scheme

With the payment document that was granted to you

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