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What are the personal service activities and how do you use them?

Verified 01 avril 2021 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Economy

Personal Services (SAP) are activities carried out at home and intended to meet the needs of individuals :

  • Home maintenance, small gardening works and small DIY works
  • Care of children at home or accompanying them on their journeys (including for children under 3 years and under 18 years with disabilities)
  • School support or home courses
  • Aesthetic care at home for dependents
  • Preparing meals at home (including time spent at shopping)
  • Delivery of meals and home shopping and collection and delivery of ironed laundry
  • IT and administrative support at home
  • Pet treatments and walks for the dependent
  • Maintenance, maintenance and vigilance
  • Tele-Assist and Video-Assist
  • Sign language interpreter, writing technician and full spoken language encoder
  • Provision of driving services for the personal vehicle of any person who has a temporary disability and for elderly, disabled or chronically ill persons
  • Accompaniment of any person with a temporary disability or of an elderly, disabled or chronically ill person when travelling outside their home
  • Assistance in the daily activities of life or assistance in social integration for the elderly, disabled or chronically ill who need such benefits at home
  • Personal assistance at home to families in distress and to any person with temporary invalidity (excluding medical care)
  • Coordination and delivery of services

In order to use personal service activities, the individual may use a claimant, agent or employer.

  FYI : certain activities are subject to declaration, approval or authorisation.

As an employer, the individual must meet certain obligations related to his or her status (registration, declaration of employee, payment of social contributions, employment contract, remuneration, source sampling, etc.).

Home care

These obligations are carried out on the Pajemploi website.

Pajemploi en ligne

Central Agency for Social Security Bodies (Acoss)

Other personal service activities

The Declarative or Pre-funded Cesu fulfils the employer's obligations.