What are personal services activities and how can they be used?

Verified 30 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Economy

Personal services (SAP) are activities carried out at home and designed to meet the needs of individuals :

  • Maintenance of the house, small gardening work and small crafts work
  • Home child care or travel assistance (including for children under 3 and under 18 with disabilities)
  • School support or home-based classes
  • Aesthetic care at home for dependent people
  • Preparing meals at home (including time spent shopping)
  • Delivery of meals and groceries at home and collection and delivery of ironed linen at home
  • IT and administrative support at home
  • Pet care and walks for dependent people
  • Temporary maintenance, maintenance and vigilance at home
  • Remote and video support
  • Sign language interpreter, writing technician and spoken language coder
  • Driving benefit for the personal vehicle of any person with a temporary disability as well as for elderly, disabled or chronically ill persons
  • Accompaniment to any person with a temporary disability or to an elderly, disabled or chronically ill person when traveling outside their home
  • Assistance in the daily activities of life or assistance with social integration for elderly, disabled or chronically ill people who need such benefits at home
  • Personal home help for vulnerable families and anyone with temporary disabilities (excluding medical care)
  • Coordination and delivery of services


some activities are subject to declaration, approval or authorization.

To use at home a childcare or call on othersother personal services, you can use direct employment, i.e become an employer.

As an individual employer, you have certain obligations related to your status (registration, employee declaration, payment of social contributions, employment contract, remuneration, withholding tax, etc.).

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Home Child Care

These obligations are carried out on the Urssaf Service Pajemploi website.

Urssaf Service Pajemploi en ligne

Other personal services activities

The Declarative Cesu or the Cesu pre-financed fulfills the employer's obligations.

To use child care or other personal services in your home, you can use a provider or authorized representative body.

If you use an agency, you retain the status of employer. You control the performance of your employee's work and pay the salary.

If you use a provider organization, it is the employer of the employees working in your home.

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