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Home Help (Personal Services): hiring an employee

Verified 15 January 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Economy

You can hire a home help yourself, or you can ask an agency to take over the hiring process for your future employee. The organisation can also provide its own staff: in this case, you are simply the client of a service provider.

Direct Employment

In the context of personal service activities, you can hire an employee directly.

As an individual employer, you must comply with the following hiring procedures:

  • Establish employment contract in writing
  • Get registration fromUrssaf: titleContent
  • Check the identity of your employee and the validity of his residence permit if he is a non-European foreigner worker

You can use the Declarative or Pre-funded Cesu (pay slip, calculation and declaration of social contributions, source sampling).

If your need is home care, you must go through the Pajemploi centre.

Urssaf Service Pajemploi en ligne

Please note

for 1re employment, the employer shall register the employee after receiving his registration number.

Use of a body

You remain an employer. You are the one who controls the performance of your employee's work and who pays the salary.

In this case, the person services agency (such as an association) will:

The agency must inform you of your main responsibilities as an employer.

He charges you this service.

You can also use a personal service provider. This organisation is the employer of the workers at your home.

The agency then charges you for the services that are performed by its own employees and takes care of all administrative formalities.

A directory of personal service organisations is available online to find an agent or provider.

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