Home care (personal services): recruitment of an employee

Verified 21 January 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Economy

You can hire a home care worker yourself or contact an agency to hire your future employee on your behalf. The organization may also make its own staff available to you: in this case, you are simply the customer of a service provider.

Direct employment

Within the framework of personal service activities, you can hire an employee directly.

As an individual employer, you must comply with the following hiring procedures:

To make your steps easier, you can use the Declarative Cesu or the Cesu pre-financed (pay slipcalculation and declaration of social contributions, withholding tax).

Your approaches and contacts differ according to the jobs held.

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If your need concerns child care at home, you must go through the Pajemploi center if you collect the free choice of custody complement.

Urssaf Service Pajemploi en ligne

Please note

if the employer hires an employee for the 1re times and is not yet registered with the Urssaf: titleContent or the MSA: titleContent, he shall apply for registration no later than 1er working day. He registers the employee after receiving his registration number.

Through an organization

You retain the status of employer. You control the performance of your employee's work and pay the salary.

In this case, the person services agency (e.g. an association) shall:

  • Recruitment (professional experience, skills and qualifications)
  • The administrative management of the employee (employment contract, pay slipcalculation and declaration of social contributions, withholding tax).

The agency must inform you of your main responsibilities as an employer.

He charges you for this service.

You can also use a personal care organization. This organization is the employer of the employees working in your home.

The organization then bills you for services performed by its own employees and handles all administrative formalities.

A directory of personal service organizations is available online to find an agent or provider.

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