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Individual employer: how to pay your employee with a pre-financed Cesu?

Verified 08 décembre 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The pre-funded Cesu (or Cesu) is a check book with a specified amount and allows you to pay your employee.

To receive the Cesu titles, you must be registered, that is to say, hold an Urssaf number, at the National Center for Universal Service Employment Check (CNCesu). You must also report your employee's salaries and hours worked through the same organization.

Cesu certificates are given to you upon registration.

You can then order Cesu titles from one of the following companies or organizations:

  • Mutual
  • Employer
  • Insurance
  • Pension fund
  • Department Services
  • Any other financing organization (Edenred France, Le Chèque Domicie, Domiserve - La Banque Postale, Natixis Intertitles, Sodexo Pass France).

Your employee must then cash out his or her Cesu titles through the Cesu Refund Center (CRCesu).

Affiliation with the Eesc Redemption Center and Redemption of Eesc Securities

Center for Reimbursement

  FYI : If the amount of the Cesu vouchers is not sufficient to cover the entire salary of your employee, you must complete it by any other means of payment at your convenience.