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What is a work placement period?

Verified 08 July 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A period of work placement (PMSMP), formerly known as disposal periodmay be carried out under certain assisted employment contracts. It allows an employee to spend time with another employer in order to develop his experience and skills. The PMSMP may also apply to a person without an activity.


For professional purposes, some employees may be performing PMSMP periods at another employer.

Employees concerned

A PMSMP period may be completed as part of:

The employee is not required to agree to make a PMSMP. As such, he may not be punished, dismissed or discriminated against for refusing to carry out a PMSMP or for having decided to terminate it.


During the PMSMP, the employee is made available to another employer for a period of time.

This period is intended to enable the employee to:

  • to discover a profession,
  • confirm a professional project,
  • acquire new skills or experience.

The PMSMP is subject to a written amendment to the original contract.

The employee's employment contract is not suspended during the PMSMP. The remuneration of the employee may not be changed in any way.

The employee can perform several PMSMPs with the same employer.

The duration of each PMSMP cannot exceed 1 month (date to date).

The cumulative duration of all PMSMPs carried out during the initial contract may not exceed 25% the total duration of this contract.

Person without activity

The purpose of this period is to enable the person to:

  • to discover a profession,
  • confirm a professional project,
  • acquire new skills or experience.

The PMSMP is open to:

  • job seekers, registered or not with Pôle emploi,
  • young people in need of integration followed by local missions,
  • job seekers recognized as disabled workers, accompanied by Pole emploi or Cap emploi,
  • beneficiaries of the RSA, for actions implemented under their commitment contract.

The prescribers are:

  • Employment center,
  • local missions,
  • the Cap Emploi,
  • structures of integration through economic activity (SIAE): insertion companies (EI), intermediate associations (AI), insertion sites workshops (ACI).


Temporary work insertion firms (ETTIs) cannot prescribe PMSMP.

The duration of each PMSMP may not exceed 1 month.

The person in the PMSMP is not the employee of the host structure and is not paid by that structure. The person in the PMSMP retains the status, the compensation scheme or the remuneration which he previously enjoyed (unemployment benefits, RSA ...).