Professional Development Consulting (PEC)

Verified 16 February 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Want to take stock of your professional situation? The professional development advice (CEP) is a free and personalized support device that can meet your request. The CEP allows, if necessary, to establish a professional development project (reconversion, resumption or creation of activity...). It may be carried out by advisors from different bodies. It's for anyone. We present you with the information you need to know.

The CEP allows you in particular :

  • To express your request and clarify your need
  • Access personalized information
  • Develop a strategy to build and define a professional project
  • Verify that this project is feasible
  • To identify the skills or qualifications needed to succeed in this project
  • To be helped to find the financing

The FFS is available to:

  • Private sector employee
  • Public sector employee (civil servant, contract or individual contractor)
  • Self-employed
  • Person seeking employment
  • Artisan
  • Liberal profession
  • Self-employed person
  • Young person who has left the school system without qualification or diploma
  • Pensioners and students in or seeking employment

Please note

Each employer must inform its employees of the possibility of using the CEP at the time of professional interview. An employee may, on his own initiative and without seeking the agreement of his employer, benefit from a FFS by making an appointment with a counselor.

You can take advantage of the CEP outside your working time that is, during leisure time (for example, during a reduction of working time (RTT), in the evening, during a sabbatical leave or a unpaid leave).

However, a branch or company agreement may lay down the conditions under which the FFS may be made during working time.

The way to make an appointment is not always the same depending on your status (employee, public official...).

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General case

The organization with which you can follow the CEP depends on:

  • Your situation (employee, jobseeker, young person under 26...)
  • And where you live

An online service allows you to find organizations based on these 2 criteria:

Find your CEP operator

Public Service Officer

Public service of the State

Contact the department's Human Resources department, where a Career Mobility Advisor (CMC) is appointed.

Territorial civil service
You are an agent in category A +

You must contact the CNFPT: titleContent .

Other situation

People should contact their employer community or the departmental (or interdepartmental) management center.

Hospital civil service

Contact the National Association for Continuing Training of Hospital Staff (ANFH).

Yes, the operator shall be at his discretion. Therefore, your personal information will not be communicated to your employer.

The provision of the FFS (maintenance, advice and support) is free.

The CEP is organized in 2 levels.

It is possible to follow only the 1er level and stop there.

1st level: individualized and adapted reception

It allows you to:

  • To carry out a first level of analysis of your situation and your request
  • Decide whether to continue with your approach
  • Identify actors who can help you

Its objective is in particular:

  • To allow you to better know your professional environment (employment situation, evolution of trades...)
  • Identify possible approaches (aid, services, training...)

Please note

The CEP may offer services remotely (e.g. by telephone).

2nd level: personalized support

It allows you to:

  • Clarify your request and access personalized information on employment, training, available funding...
  • Characterize and specify your needs and priorities for professional development
  • To be assisted in the formalization and implementation of this project (examples: financing plan and estimated timetable)

Please note

If you wish, the CEP can help you find funding for your project.

Unlike the FFS, your employer may be aware that you have a skills assessment. Indeed, he knows it as soon as you realize it in the framework:

The CEP is free, while the skills check carried out with the CPF is paid. So, if you don't have enough money on your CPF, you may have to fund some of the skills check yourself.

The skills check is generally limited to 24 hours while the FFS is not limited in time.


These 2 schemes can be complementary (e.g. a FFS can be used to determine that the implementation of the project requires a skills assessment).