Priority map for access to public places

Verified 13 October 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The priority card makes it possible to obtain a priority right of access in certain public places (offices and offices of public administrations and services, public transport). It concerns pregnant women, people with dependent children and family medalists. The menu is free. It is allocated by your family allowance fund (CAF) or your agricultural social mutual fund (CMSA) according to your plan. Its duration varies according to your personal situation.

The card gives priority access in certain public places (access to offices and offices of public administrations and services and to public transport).

To be eligible, you must be in one of the following situations:

  • Being pregnant
  • Credit Memo 1 dependent child under 3 or 2 dependent children under 4 or 3 or more dependent children under 16
  • Be decorated with family medal

There is no specific procedure or form to request it. It can be done on free paper or by email to the organization you depend on in your department.

Who shall I contact

You may submit a document justifying your personal situation with your application. For example, full copy or extract with filiation of the birth certificate of each of the children.

The menu is free.

The validity period of the card depends on your situation.

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Pregnant woman

The card is valid throughout pregnancy.

Person with dependent child(ren)

The card is valid for 3 years.

Family Medalist

The card is valid for an unlimited period.

For persons with dependent child(ren) within the meaning of family benefits, the card is renewable for the same period if the conditions continue to be met.

You can request a duplicate with the organization that issued you the card.

This request can be made on free paper or by email to the organization to which you belong.

Who shall I contact