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Disability: European parking card

Verified 05 November 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The parking card allows a person with a disability to park free of charge in public spaces. The process for applying for a card is different depending on whether the person is a civilian or a war disabled person. This card has been replaced since 1to January 2017 by the Mobility Inclusion Card (CMI), except for war invalids. However, the parking card remains valid until its expiry date.

Civilian invalid

The parking card has been replaced since 1to January 2017 by mobility card (CMI)..

The parking card shall remain valid until its expiry date and, at the latest, until 31 December 2026.

Parking cardholders can request a CMI replacement without waiting until 2026.

War invalid

The parking card allows you to park free of charge and without limitation on any parking spaces open to the public.

Parking time may be limited by a decision of the municipality but may not be less than 12 hours.


a fee may be charged for parking in parking lots with access to and from the vehicle for disabled persons.

The parking card may be issued to any person whose disability significantly and permanently reduces his or her ability and autonomy to walk.

It may also be awarded if the disability requires the presence of a third person to assist him in all his movements.

Example :

Person with sensory or mental impairment

A person is considered to have reduced mobility or not to be self-sufficient when traveling if he is in one of the following situations:

  • Its walking perimeter is limited and less than 200 meters
  • It systematically uses aid for its external movements (human aid, cane or any other equipment handled with one or 2 upper members, vehicle for disabled persons)
  • She has a lower limb prosthesis
  • It uses oxygen therapy (oxygen supply equipment for breathing aid) during all its external movements


a person who is systematically required to use a wheelchair automatically satisfies the conditions of attribution, including when he is handling the wheelchair alone and without difficulty.

The card application must be made on free paper.

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Medical certificate dated less than 3 months describing all the deficiencies found
  • Photocopy of war pensioner disability card
  • Recent color photo ID
  • Photocopy of an identity document (national identity card, passport, photocopy of the valid residence permit if a national of a State outside the European Economic Area, ...)
  • Proof of residence (electricity or gas bill, rent receipt, ...)

All documents must be sent to the departmental office of the National Office for Veterans and War Victims (NACVG) of its place of residence. They should preferably be sent by registered letter with notice of receipt.

Who shall I contact

The card is permanently assigned if you collect Custom Autonomy Allocation (Apa) and you are in group 1 or 2 of the Aggger grid..

Otherwise, it can be temporarily allocated for a minimum of 1 year, renewable according to your situation.

The renewal application must be made under the same conditions as the original application.

This request must be made at least 4 months before the card expiry date.

The card must be clearly marked inside the vehicle and secured against the windscreen.

It must be removed as soon as you no longer use the vehicle.

Please note

the card is valid in all countries of the European Union..