Failure to pass the driver's license test: can we challenge the results?

Verified 01 August 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

What kind of recourse?

You can make an administrative appeal, that is to say a ex gratia appeal and/or a hierarchical remedy.

You don't have to make an ex gratia appeal before a hierarchical appeal.

If you make an ex gratia remedy, you can make a hierarchical remedy without waiting for the answer to the ex gratia remedy.

When should the administrative appeal be lodged?

You must file your administrative appeal within the deadline of 2 months from notification the result of your driving license examination.

In practice, the time limit runs from the date of online consultation of the result of your examination.

Example :

You can view your exam results online on February 23, 2023. You have until midnight on April 22, 2023, to file your administrative appeal. If the deadline ends on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or non-working day, the time limit shall be extended to 1er working day next.

To whom should the administrative appeal be addressed?

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Ex gratia appeal

The ex gratia appeal is addressed to the prefect of the place where you have your license (at the Paris police department if you live in Paris).

Who shall I contact

Hierarchical appeal

General case

The hierarchical remedy is addressed to the Minister of the Interior.

Who shall I contact
You pass the license to obtain a professional title

Depending on the institution in which you are registered, the hierarchical remedy is to be addressed to the Minister in charge of Labor or the Minister in charge of Education.

How to make the administrative appeal?

You can appeal on free paper.

You must give reasons for your appealThat is, to explain why you are challenging the results of the driver's license.

Attach to your letter a copy of the disputed results and any documents you consider useful.

Send your appeal preferably recommended with AR: titleContent to get proof of the shipment.

Keep a copy of the sent documents.

Also keep the proof of the shipment and its correct receipt by the administration.

The appeal is free.

Who can help me?

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