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New accompaniment for the creation or the resumption of business (Mother of Pearl)

Verified 10 January 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The new support to the creation or the resumption of a company (Nacre) is an aid to the assembly of the project of creation or of resumption of a company, to the financial structuring and the start of the activity. Several categories of persons may be eligible for this support. You sign a contract with a contracted organization. Since 2017, the Nacre has been a regional competence.

The new accompaniment to the creation or the resumption of business (Nacre) allows some beneficiaries to create or take over a business being accompanied for 3 years. It helps to set up the project of creation or resumption, to the financial structuring and to start the activity.


since 1to January 2017, the Nacre is a regional competence.

You must be in one of the following situations:

Who to contact?

You can integrate the Mother of Pearl device:

  • at your request
  • or on the advice of an organization (employment center, bank, etc.).

You make your request for assistance by mail RAR: titleContent with an organization that has an agreement with the State and the Caisse des dépôt et consignations (CDC).

The competent body varies according to the regions.

To find the right organization to accompany you, contact the local services directly.

Who shall I contact

Refusal possibilities

The organization may refuse to accompany your project because:

  • lack of special difficulties in gaining or finding employment
  • or the lack of consistency or economic viability of your project
  • or the lack of sufficient support from the body.

A decision of refusal may be appealed to the prefect of the region.

Who shall I contact

Signing a contract

The agreed body that agrees to accompany you concludes with you an accompanying contract. This contract specifies the stage at which your accompaniment begins.

The accompanying contract shall define the reciprocal commitments of the body and the person accompanied.

Le Nacre does not include any help for the emergence of the project. You must have a clear idea of your project.

You can also participate in the device from one of these 3 steps. The agreement may cover all or part of the phases.

The phases of installation aid and financial structuring aid may be carried out simultaneously or successively.

Mount Help

Mount Help allows you to:

  • to finalize technically your business creation or take-over project and present it to third parties (financier, partner, etc.),
  • study the conditions for implementation and anticipate difficulties.

Aid for financial structuring

Financial structuring assistance allows you to:

  • verify the economic relevance of your project and develop the financing plan,
  • be supported in bank financing research,
  • obtain suitable financing, for example, a loan with a zero rate over 5 years maximum financed by your region. This loan must be coupled with a complementary loan, the amount and duration of which must be greater than or equal to those of the zero-interest loan.

Support for business start-up and development

Supporting the start-up and development of the company allows:

  • have access, at any time, to technical support that can answer questions related to the start-up and development of your business,
  • anticipate possible financial difficulties,
  • to be supported in its development choices.

Maximum Device Duration

The Nacre is governed by deadlines which set, for each stage, the maximum duration of the accompanying actions.

Maximum duration of accompanying measures


Maximum Duration

For a design project

For a recovery project

Mount Help

4 months

6 months

Aid for financial structuring

4 months

6 months

Support for business start-up and development

3 years

3 years

The accompanying body may terminate the accompanying contract if you fail to comply with your obligations under the undertaking contract.

If the organization intends to terminate the contract, it will inform you by letter RAR: titleContent.. You may submit your comments in writing or as part of an interview in which you may be assisted by a person of your choice (for example, a lawyer).

The decision to terminate is notified to you by letter RAR: titleContent..

The decision to terminate an accompanying contract may be appealed to the prefect of the region.

Who shall I contact