Training interview in the State Civil Service (EPF)

Verified 07 July 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Are you a public servant (incumbent) or contract employee (non-incumbent) in the state civil service and would like to apply for training? Every year, you benefit from a training interview. It may take place at the same time as the annual assessment interview. This training interview is designed to determine your training needs. It gives rise to a report which is communicated to you. We tell you the regulations to know.

That you are official or contractor, you benefit from a training interview with your line manager.

This interview is designed to determine your training needs based on:

  • Objectives set for you
  • From your professional project.

It also allows you to submit your requests for:

Please note

During the interview, your supervisor will provide a reminder of the follow-up given to your previous training requests.

Before the training interview, you can consult your training department.

For example, it can highlight management's training directions, inform you about the personal training account (PTA), or other arrangements for access to training.

The training interview takes place every year.

Your supervisor will report on the interview.

The report states:

  • The training objectives you are offered
  • The training you have conducted

That report is provided to you and you can add comments to it.


This report, along with a summary of the training you have taken, is attached to your individual case file.

Your supervisor informs you of the follow-up given to your training interview.

Refusals of training shall be justified. Your administration may refuse or delay a request for training for various reasons (budgetary reason, non-priority training, reasons for service in the event of an increase in activity).