Identification or affiliation to social security: what differences?

Verified 15 November 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Identification (formerly called registration) is automatic, from your birth if you were born in France. Membership depends on your work situation and where you live.

Identification consists of: 

If you were born in FranceHowever, registration takes place from birth if you were born in France.

However, it is from the age of 16 that your child becomes aware of his or her full social security number when he or she receives the vital card vital card.

Its number is indeed indicated on the card.

If your child does not yet have a Vital Card, their Social Security Number (NIR) is shown on your certificate of entitlements, which you can get in your Ameli account.

If you were born abroadHowever, you have to ask for this number from the organization that corresponds to your situation.

Affiliation is to be attached to the body responsible for managing your basic sickness insurance benefits.

It depends on your work situation and where you live.

Example :

You are an employee, reporting to the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam). At the local level, with some exceptions, you are attached to the CPAM: titleContent of your habitual residence.

If you are an employee or a farmer, you belong to the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA).

Membership in a CP's single school booklet at the thirdCPAM: titleContent It also means that you are connected to a Carsat (pension and occupational health insurance fund) in particular, for the management of your pension rights.