Economic, social, environmental and trade union training leave (CFESES)

Verified 31 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you an employee and would like to take part in economic, social and environmental training or trade union training? This leave exists, in particular, if you are called upon to exercise union responsibilities. The duration of this leave is limited. It shall be open without any condition as to seniority. We present you with the information you need to know.

This leave provides for the acquisition of economic, social, environmental or trade union knowledge for the purpose of exercising trade union responsibilities. For example, responsibilities within trade union bodies, consultative bodies and joint negotiating bodies.

Leave for economic, social, environmental and trade union training is open to all employees.

It doesn't matter if you're a union member or not.

No seniority requirement is required to benefit from it.

Please note

jobseekers can take part in these training courses while receiving their allowances.

Training courses or sessions are conducted by

  • centers attached to trade unions of employees recognized as nationally representative.
  • or specialized institutes.

A list of recognized organizations is available:

Know which approved centers, institutes and specialized bodies whose traineeships or sessions give entitlement to leave for economic, social and trade union training

You send a written request for leave of absence to your employer, preferably by registered letter with notice of receipt, at least 30 days before the start of the training.

The application shall specify the following information:

  • Date and duration of the requested absence
  • Name of the organization responsible for the course or session.

The employer must grant you the leave unless he considers that your absence could have adverse consequences for the proper functioning of the company.

In this case, the employer must obtain the assent of the Social and Economic Committee (ESC).

If several employees request to be absent simultaneously for economic, social, environmental and trade union training, the employer may defer certain requests:

  • In establishments with more than 99 employees when the percentage of employees simultaneously absent on such leave reaches 2%.
  • In establishments with 25 to 99 employees when the number of employees simultaneously absent on such leave reaches 2.
  • In establishments with less than 25 employees where an employee is absent on such leave.

The employer's refusal must be accompanied by the statement of reasons and must be notified within 8 days. That period shall run from the receipt of his request.

In the event of a dispute, the employer's refusal may be challenged before the labor council who decides the question.

You can take one or more holidays, up to a maximum of 12 days per year.

The duration of each leave may not be less than half a day.

This training may not take place during paid leave.

Facilitators of economic, social, environmental and trade union training courses and sessions may take one or more holidays up to a maximum of 18 days per year.

Please note

The days taken for the training leave for staff representatives shall be deducted from the time limit for leave for economic, social, environmental and trade union training.

During this leave, you benefit from the total maintenance of his remuneration by the employer.

During the training, your employment contract is suspended.

So, when you return to the company, you find your job again, your job or a similar job.

The period of leave shall, however, be treated as actual working time for the purpose of calculating paid leave and entitlement to social and family benefits.

At the end of the training, the training organization gives you a certificate.

It shall note the effective follow-up to the training course or session.

You give this certificate to your employer when you resume your activity.

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