What resources are taken into account for the calculation of RSA entitlements?

Verified 03 November 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The amount of the RSA: titleContent depends on your resources and those of your hearth.

The resources considered are as follows:

  • Earnings from paid employment (wages, bonuses, overtime, pre-funded earnings by Cesu, severance pay, compensatory allowance for paid leave, notice, etc.)
  • Income from self-employment
  • Volunteer allowance in some cases
  • Maternity daily allowance, paternity, adoption
  • Accident at work Sickness benefit,
  • Short-time work allowances
  • Unemployment benefits (return-to-work allowance, occupational security allowance)
  • Pensions, pensions, annuities
  • Maintenance payments
  • Daily allowances for accompanying a person at the end of life
  • Compensation paid to asbestos victims
  • Freedoms
  • Compensatory benefits
  • Exceptional resources (sale of a house, building, land, inheritance, winnings at games, etc.)
  • Invested capital (real non-income-producing assets are considered to be notionally producing an annual income equal to 3% their amount (e.g. life insurance contract). However, booklet A is not affected by the 3% : you only have to declare the interest earned annually. Amounts on current accounts are not included in the calculation of the SSA.
  • Orphan's pension
  • Some family benefits (examples: family allowances, family supplement, family support allowance)
  • Disabled Adult Allowance (DAA)
  • Supplementary Disability Allowance (SIA)
  • Monthly lump-sum business resumption premium
  • Rents of a rented building
  • Rental value of a dwelling, local or unleased land
  • Maintenance allowance received from child welfare as a trustworthy third party

These resources are taken into account differently.

For more information, see the Package Leaflet of the quarterly resource reporting form and if necessary contact your Caf: titleContent or, if you are a member of the agricultural plan, the MSA: titleContent.


You can obtain an estimate of your rights using a simulator:

RSA Simulator (Caf)

You can inquire with your Cof:

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Who shall I contact