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What rules must be followed by the seller of land in a subdivision?

Verified 03 January 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You must sell a building, serviced, demarcated land.

  • Building land is suitable for receiving and supporting a construction, in particular as regards the capacity of the subsoil to support the weight and loads of the future construction.
  • A serviced land is connected to roads and various networks (drinking water, electricity, telephone...).
  • The terrain must be precisely delimited by a demarcation act..

These characteristics determine the validity of the sale. Thus, if the acquired parcel is ultimately unconstructible, unserviced or demarcated, the purchaser may appeal to the court to request the nullity of the sale.

In areas exposed to the phenomenon of differential land movement due to drought and rehydration of clay soils, you must also provide the recipient with a soil study.

One air noise condition must also be provided for the sale of land within one of the noise zones defined by a noise exposure plan.