Condominium Maintenance Log

Verified 01 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Every condominium building must have its maintenance book. This document lists technical information related to maintenance and work performed in the building. It must be carried out, maintained and updated by the condominium trustee. The maintenance log can be consulted by the co-owners.

The maintenance log shall be drawn up, maintained and updated by the condominium trustee.

If the condominium consists of several buildings, only one maintenance book is provided, but the trustee must open a chapter for each building.

In the presence of one or more secondary trade unions, the trustee must maintain a maintenance log for each of them. In this case, the liquidator opens a chapter for the parts common to all the unions in the diary of the main union.

Mandatory information

The maintenance log shall mention at least the following:

The booklet may also contain the following information:

  • Year of completion of major works (e.g. facade refurbishment, roof repair, elevator, boiler or piping replacement) and identity of the companies that carried out the work
  • References of property and casualty insurance contracts on behalf of the syndicate of co-owners whose security is in progress
  • References of the maintenance and servicing contracts for common equipment and the date of expiry of those contracts
  • List of the work required for the preservation of the building, specifying the equipment or elements of the building concerned by this work and the recommended timetable, where a Comprehensive Technical Diagnostics (GTD)
  • Work prescribed in the Multi-annual Work Plan (MWP) and timeline

Further information

The maintenance log may contain any additional information which the joint owners decide to include in it.

This additional information shall be voted at the general meeting of the co-owners at the simple majority.

This may include information on the construction of the building or technical studies carried out.

The condominium trustee must propose a online access to enable co-owners to consult the maintenance log. This obligation applies only to professional trustees.

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