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Wreck: what happens to the rugged car?

Verified 26 March 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A car that has suffered a serious accident must be tested before repair or re-entry into service. The expert may declare it repairable, non-repairable or dangerous. The vehicle is declared non-repairable if the repair is too expensive or impossible. It shall be declared dangerous if it is no longer in a condition to move safely. When the vehicle is declared non-repairable or unsafe, the insurer must make a redemption offer within 15 days of the submission of the expert report.

Your insurance company, after being informed of the disaster, will usually realize expertise..

It shall appoint one of its experts to undertake the following tasks:

  • Identify the car, record the damage and check its likelihood with the stated circumstances of the accident
  • Determine shock point(s)
  • Establish repair opportunities (technically and economically)
  • Validate the cost of repairs charged by the garage
  • Define possible aging rate (for example, on tires or radiator)
  • Calculate the replacement value to say expert (Vrade: titleContent) of the vehicle
  • Indicate whether the vehicle can still operate under normal safety conditions.

The expert report, usually drawn up in 8 to 12 calendar daysis addressed to the insured and the insurer.

If you wish to challenge the expert's conclusions, you may order a counter-expert, but you will have to pay the expert's fees.

If the injured vehicle is considered repaired by the insurance expert, the repair work may be performed.

The expert report drawn up following the accident may show that the work required for the rehabilitation of the vehicle is greater than its cost venal value at the time of the disaster. It is then considered as economically non-reparable).

The expert report may also show that it is impossible to repair the vehicle, which will then be declared technically unrepairable..

In these 2 cases, the insurer must offer a redemption offer for the vehicle within 15 days of the submission of the expert report. The owner of the vehicle must provide a response within 30 days.

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Owner agrees to purchase vehicle

If he accepts the proposal, the owner must complete the transfer certificate vehicle in the name of the insurer. He must send him the form accompanied by the gray card or the notice of removal of the gray card, when the danger of the vehicle has been found by a judicial police officer or officer. The insurance will pay him the price mentioned in the offer.

Certificate of disposal of a used vehicle

The owner refuses the redemption or does not respond

The insurer must notify the National Secured Securities Agency (ANTS), which blocks any transfer of the gray card. This block prevents the transfer of the vehicle to an individual but the transfer to a purchaser professional still possible. The latter will be able to repair the car or destroy the carcass after recovering the spare parts.

In order to have the gray card transfer block lifted, the owner must order a new expertise of the vehicle, at his expense. The TSO may authorize the transfer and return to service of the vehicle if:

  • if the new expert report certifies that the safety work has been performed by a professional
  • and that the vehicle can circulate safely.

If the expert finds that the vehicle is no longer in a condition to operate under normal safety conditions, he shall declare it unsafe. The expert must inform the National Secured Securities Agency (NSA) of this situation. In turn, the TSO must notify the vehicle owner by registered mail (with acknowledgement of receipt) that the vehicle is no longer permitted to drive. The mail must also indicate that he can no longer sell the vehicle, nor give it away, unless it is to an approved demolisher.

The insurer must offer to buy back the vehicle within 15 days of receiving the report.

If the owner accepts this offer, the insurer will take care of the formalities of destruction of the vehicle.

If the owner refuses the insurance proposal, he keeps his vehicle, but can only sell (or give it) to a demolisher for destruction..