Can you be evicted from your home during an over-indebtedness procedure?

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The debt overhang is rented

If the expulsion has been ordered, the debt relief commission may, as soon as the file on over-indebtedness is declared permissible, apply to the court for the judge to temporarily suspend the expulsion measures.

However, in cases of urgency and after the decision on admissibility, the judge may be seised by one of the following persons:

  • Chairman of the Committee or his delegate
  • Local representative of the Banque de France
  • Tenant (by declaration delivered or addressed to the court registry) using the form cerfa n°15930:

Application for referral to the protection litigation judge in a debt distress procedure

The suspension of eviction measures is only authorized by the judge if the tenant's situation so requires.

The judgment can be appealed.

The suspension of expulsion measures is granted for a maximum period of 2 years and until one of the following events:

The debt overhang owns

If the forced sale (auction) has been ordered, the debt overhang may, upon filing of its debt distress report, call on the over-indebtedness commission to intervene. He must explain why he is making this request (serious causes) and provide proof of it.

The committee then refers the matter to the judge responsible for foreclosure of immovable property for an extension of the date tendering procedure and therefore postponing the eviction of the owner.

The judge's decision is notified by registered letter with request for acknowledgement of receipt to the over-indebted and to the creditors.

The commission is notified by simple letter.

There is no appeal of the judgment.

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