Carte grise: with which documents to prove identity? 

Verified 05 July 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Carte grise To request a referral, you must prove your identity. The document to be produced depends on your situation.

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You must submit one of the following documents:

  • Passport French or foreigners
  • Driving license French or foreigners
  • Combatant's Card issued by the French authorities
  • Identity or circulation card issued by the French military authorities
  • Temporary residence card, residence card, residence certificate of an Algerian national, card of a national of a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA)


these documents must be in your name and valid.

Legal person of industrial, commercial or civil type

You must present:

  • or a journal of legal announcements less than 2 years old indicating the name of the manager, the business object, the address and the registration number at the SCR: titleContent.

If the business is in constitution, you must have:

  • a Kbis extract
  • or a certificate attesting to registration in the SCR: titleContent and stating that the business is awaiting its identification number Insee: titleContent.

Individual business

You must present:

  • one Kbis extract of the SCR: titleContent or the company identification card issued by the Chamber of Trades
  • and proof of the address where the commercial activity is carried out.

Association, trade union, professional civil business

You must present:

  • the statutes or any other evidence of legal existence showing the name of the person responsible and the address of the body
  • and proof that the body is registered with a prefecture (or sub-prefecture), or recognized by an administration, a court or a professional body.

Social and Economic Committee (former company Committee) or Establishment Committee

You must present:

  • a copy of the minutes of the elections
  • and the decision of the committee designating the person responsible for signing the application for registration.

Real estate condominium

You must present:

  • a certificate issued by a notary certifying the existence of the joint ownership
  • and the minutes of the general meeting or of the syndicate of co-owners authorizing the liquidator to purchase the vehicle.