What is a professional interview?

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Every 2 years, the job interview is a mandatory appointment between you and your employer. It's also an obligation when you come back from some leave. This interview is intended to consider your career prospects and the training that can contribute to it. You may be assisted in preparing for this interview by a Professional Development Advisor (POC).

Yes, if you are an employee.

Indeed, the professional interview concerns all employees in all companies and industries:

  • Whatever the nature of the contract (fixed-term or indefinite, apprenticeship or professionalization)
  • Regardless of the working time provided for in the contract (whether you are full-time or part-time).


You are informed of this interview when you are hired at the company.

The professional interview aims to accompany you in your outlook professional development, in particular in terms of qualifications and employment.

This interview should also inform you about various points:


The job interview is not evaluating your work.

This assessment is done as part of your annual interview.

However, the job interview may be held on the same date as the assessment interviews. However, evaluation questions should not be discussed during the professional interview.

There are 3 recurrences:

  • Every 2 years
  • When some holidays return
  • Every six years.

Every 2 years

The professional interview must take place every 2 years:

  • From the entrance into the company
  • Then from the date of the previous interview.

The employer may, either by decision within the company or pursuant to a collective agreement, organize professional interviews at different intervals and in different ways.

Please note

A collective company or branch agreement may provide for a different frequency.

When some holidays return

The professional interview should be for you systematically offered if you resume your activity after a period of interruption due to any of the following:

The interview may take place, at your initiative, on a date prior to the resumption of the post.

Please note

A collective company or branch agreement may provide for a different frequency.

Every 6 years

Every 6 years, the professional interview must make a recap of your career path.

This state of play allows you to check that you have actually benefited from the professional interviews scheduled for the last 6 years.

This stocktaking also aims to ensure that you have:

  • Follow-up of at least one training action
  • Acquired elements of certification through training or validation of experience
  • Benefited from a salary or professional progression.

A report of the state of play is prepared during this interview. A copy is given to you.

Professional Development Consulting (PEC)

You can call on the service of a career development advisor (CPD) to prepare for this interview.

It can help you take stock of your situation and professional skills or support you in your professional projects.

Find your CEP operator

Skills Operator (OPCO)

Your Skills Operator (OPCO) can help you.

A number of them have produced guides, booklets or have on their website a space dedicated or related to professional maintenance.

Professional interview templates have also been designed by OPCOs: they allow you to prepare this interview.

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Company of 50 or more employees

If you have not received professional interviews and at least one non-compulsory training action in the last 6 years, the employer must provide you with personal training account (PTA). Your CPF will then be credited with €3,000.

Company of less than 50 employees

The company is subject to its training obligations: adapting the employee to his job and maintaining their employability.

As such, in case of litigation, it could be sanctioned in case of non-compliance with these obligations. This penalty may result in the payment of damages to you.

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