Assembly holidays: do you need to subscribe to a specific insurance?

Verified 11 March 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Insurance companies offer a specific contract to cover the risks associated with holidays in the mountains.

However, before taking out this insurance, you must check whether you are already covered by other insurance.

If you have a assurance multi-risk housing, you already have the warranty civil liability.

This insurance covers you if you cause an accident.

This way, your insurer will cover the damage you have caused to others, but not necessarily the damage you have suffered.

Check your contract to see what is stated about it.

Moreover, property and casualty insurance generally includes a guarantee holiday, which ensures the accommodation you rent for your holidays.

If you have a assurance individual accident or life accident guaranteeHowever, you may already be covered for damages incurred during a ski accident.

It is necessary to check in your contract whether the practice of this activity is excluded from the risks covered.

If you have a mutual health insuranceHowever, it is possible that they will cover the costs of hospitalization and care if you have an accident.

It is necessary to check the guarantees of your mutual, as well as the persons covered.

Some bank cards include insurance that can cover you in the event of an accident.

To benefit from these insurance during a trip to the assembly, you must have used the card to pay for the rental of your skis or your lift package.

Some insurance can even cover your repatriation, in case of an accident abroad for example.

It is necessary to check in the contract of your credit card the guarantees that are offered.

If the insurance you already have does not cover you for the trip to the mountains, or if they do not cover you sufficiently, you can purchase snow insurance from your insurer.

This type of insurance allows you to be reimbursed not only for medical expenses, but also for the following expenses in case of an accident:

  • Ski lift package
  • Ski lessons not used
  • Rental of equipment
  • Compensation to a skier injured by your fault
  • Costs of assistance or repatriation

The price of snow insurance is generally calculated per person per week. It can sometimes be subscribed for a single day.