Carte grise How do I get the long-term rental (LLD)?

Verified 02 August 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Carte grise If you take a new vehicle on long-term rental (LLD), you do not have to ask for the Indeed, it is the owner, therefore the renter, who has to make this approach.

Carte grise The now called certificate of registration, will be in the name of the landlord.

Carte grise The car rental agency will give you the original car (or a copy) so that you can drive with the vehicle.

You will have to provide the renter with the necessary parts for your rental file.

The carte grise cost of is paid by the renter, but it can however pass it on to the rental price.

Please note

the LLD may include the price of vehicle insurance or leave it to you. Check this item with the renter.