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How do I get the gray card for a long-term rental vehicle (LLD)?

Verified 13 December 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If you wish to take a new vehicle for long-term rental (LLD), you will not have to deal with registration formalities. Indeed, it is the owner, and therefore the landlord, who will have to take these steps.

The gray card, now called certificate of registrationwill then be in his name.

The rental company will give you the original gray card (or a copy) so that you can drive in good order with the vehicle.

You must provide the rental agent with the necessary documents for your rental file.

The cost of the gray card is the responsibility of the landlord, but it can nevertheless pass on this cost to the rental price.

Please note

the LLD may include the price of vehicle insurance or leave it to you. Check this item with the lessor.