Category B weapons in case of occupational risk (subject to authorization)

Verified 22 April 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Can a person exposed to a risk to his or her safety as a result of his or her professional activity be allowed to carry a weapon? This page tells you which weapons are affected and how to apply for authorization.

In case of exposure to serious security risks associated with your professional activity, you may be authorized to acquire certain category B weapons.

You may be authorized to purchase and hold:

  • one 1re weapon to your place of pursuit of your professional activity
  • and a 2e weapon to your domicile or your secondary residence.
Tableau - Major category B weapons used for occupational hazards (excluding ammunition)

Type of weapon


Handgun (pistol, revolver)

+ center-fire ammunition designed for the weapon

Converted handgun not included in other categories

Incapacitating or tear gas aerosol dispenser

Capacity greater than 100 ml or generator classified in category B

You must meet all of the following conditions to purchase and possess a Class B weapon, including ammunition:

  • Being of age
  • Not be enrolled in FINIADA: titleContent
  • Do not have on your criminal record bulletin no. 2 of convictions for certain offenses: murder, murder, torture, acts of barbarism, willful violence, rape, sexual assault, drug trafficking...
    It is the prefecture that makes the request for a ballot.
  • Not behave in a way that would make you or others fear the use of the weapon
  • Not be subject to a prohibition on possessing or carrying a weapon as part of a protection order for victims of violence
  • Not to have been or to be admitted to psychiatric care without consent unless you present a medical certificate of less than one month.
    The medical certificate must be issued by one of the following health professionals: psychiatrist practitioner, hospital teacher, doctor of the psychiatric infirmary of the police prefecture for Paris, expert approved by the courts, specialist doctor
  • Be in a physical or mental state consistent with possession of a Class B weapon
  • Justify the serious risk associated with the professional activity

Your application for authorization to purchase and possess a Class B firearm must include the following documents:

  • Application Form cerfa no. 12644 completed and signed
  • Valid identity document (valid residence card or residence permit for a foreigner)
  • Proof of domicile or place of pursuit of the activity
  • Legibly completed and signed declaration indicating the number of war materiel and weapons held at the time of application, their categories, calibers, marks, models and numbers
  • Medical certificate of less than one month certifying that your physical and mental health is compatible with the possession of weapons and ammunition
  • If you follow or have followed psychiatric care in a health facility, a medical certificate of less than 1 month issued by one of the following health professionals: psychiatrist practitioner, hospital teacher, doctor of the psychiatric infirmary of the police prefecture for Paris, expert approved by the courts, specialized doctor
  • Declaration on the honor of a compliant installation (safe, strong cabinet, strong room with armored door)
  • Data sheet giving the characteristics of the weapons (model conforming to a decree. Inquire with your prefecture)
  • If you do not have French nationality, valid residence permit (you are not concerned if you are a member of the diplomatic or consular corps)
  • If your request concerns the possession of a 2e weapon, indication of business premises or secondary residence
  • Favorable opinion of the French Shooting Federation.
    This opinion shall constitute an attestation of the follow-up of the initial training in the rules on the safety, storage and handling of these weapons.
    The training must be carried out within an approved sports association member of the Fédération française de tir.

Send your file to the prefecture of your home.

Who shall I contact

Authorization to acquire and possess a Category B weapon shall be granted for a period of 5 years .

The decision is yours notified.

If under move to another department, you must enter your new address to the prefecture of your new home.

You must keep your Class B weapon, its components and ammunition, in one of two ways:

  • In a safe or a strong cabinet suitable for the type of material held
  • In a strong point having an armored door and whose doors are protected by bars.

You can buy and hold to the maximum 10 power systems by weapon.

You can buy as much as possible 50 cartridges per weapon per 12 consecutive months.

You must submit your renewal application not later than 3 months before the date of termination of the authorization.

If you do not comply with this deadline, the authorization shall not be renewed unless there is a justified obstacle to doing so. For example, hospitalization.

The documents to be provided for renewal are identical to the documents to be provided for the original application.

You receive a receipt who equivalent to provisional authorization from the date of expiry of the authorization until the decision on renewal.

If you do not request the renewal of the authorization within the deadline, you should divest your weapon and ammunition or have your weapon neutralized.

Send your file to the prefecture of your home.

Who shall I contact

Authorization for the acquisition and possession of a Class B weapon, or its renewal, may be refused or withdrawn in the following cases:

  • For any reason public policy or personal safety
  • If you do not meet or no longer meet the required conditions

You must to divest you of the weapon in a three-month period following the notification refusal or withdrawal.

Buying, selling, or possessing one or more Class B weapons without authorization is sanctioned by a 5-year prison sentence and one fine of €75,000.

The prison sentence is 10 years and the fine of €500,000 in case of infringement committed in an organized band.

The following offenses are punishable by a fine of up to €750 :

  • Move to another department without informing the prefecture of your new home
  • Purchase or possess more than 10 weapon power systems

The additional penalties the following may be added:

  • Prohibition of possession or carrying, for a maximum of 5 years, a weapon subject to authorization
  • Confiscation of one or more weapons
  • Withdrawal of the hunting license with prohibition to apply for a new license for up to 5 years

Application for authorization to acquire and possess weapons and ammunition, for renewal of authorization and for possession (category B weapons and certain category A weapons)

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