What to do in case of theft or loss of a weapon?

Verified 01 June 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

In case of loss or theft of a weapon, a weapon element or ammunition of categories A, B or C, you must declare it immediately with a police station or a gendarmerie brigade.

Your return must spell out precisely the circumstances of loss or theft.

You must also specify the mark, on model, on gauge, on serial number and the category the weapon, weapon component or ammunition concerned.


You risk a fine of €750 if you do not make the declaration of loss or theft..

Who shall I contact

The police commissioner or the gendarme brigade commander gives you a loss or theft report receipt.

If you are holder of an account in the AIS, you must report the theft or loss of the weapon in the AIS: titleContent by producing a copy of the receipt.

The police station or gendarmerie then sends your declaration to the prefecture that granted you the authorization or issued the declaration receipt.

A new authorization may be issued upon your request.

Find out with your prefecture (or if you are in Paris, at the police station).

Who shall I contact