Purchase and possession of a hunting weapon

Verified 02 April 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

What weapons for hunting? What is the procedure for having a category C weapon? How do I keep the gun? Here are the main rules to know about Class C weapons.

The weapons used to hunt are category C.

A weapon of category D, available over the counter, can also be used for hunting.


certain hunting procedures are prohibited.

To purchase a Class C weapon, you must go to a gunsmith, one licensed broker, or a private in the presence of a gunsmith.

You must have created a SIA account to buy a gun as a hunter.

The gunsmith handles the online approach via the AIS: titleContent.

The purchased weapon is automatically transferred to your digital rack.

You will need to confirm the purchase of the weapon online through your account AIS: titleContent.

If you do not, the purchase is automatically validated after 5 days.

Weapons Information System (AIS) - Owner Space


If you had a gun before February 8, 2022, you had until 1er july 2023 to create an account AIS: titleContent and 6 months from its opening to complete your temporary digital rack.

The hunting permit and the current year posting title give the right to carry the weapon during a hunting activity.

The hunting permit gives the right to carry a hunting weapon during a hunting activity.

The weapon must be transported in such a way as to not be immediately usable, by a technical device or by dismantling one of its components.

Failure to comply with the regulations on the carrying and transport of weapons is punished by a fine and one prison sentence.

The penalty applies even if the person is in good standing regarding possession of the firearm.

Tableau - Penalties for the infringement




Weapon, essential element or ammunition category C

Committed by 1 person alone


2 years

Committed by 2 or more people


5 years

Weapon, essential element or ammunition category D

Committed by 1 person alone


1 year

Committed by at least 2 people


2 years

Low-risk D-category weapon, element or ammunition



You must retain your Class C weapon and its components in one of the following ways:

  • In a suitable safe or vault
  • By dismantling a weapon element making it immediately unusable, which is kept separate
  • By any other device preventing the removal of the weapon (for example, chaining on a rack, passage of a cable in the bridge)

Ammunition should be kept separately under conditions that prohibit open access.

Please note

These provisions do not apply to firearms neutralized (category C9).

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