Wanted Persons Index (RFT)

Verified 20 February 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Who is on the Wanted Persons Index (RFT)? What information is recorded? Who can consult them? Here are the main rules to know about the RPF.

The RPF: titleContent is one working tool services carrying out judicial and administrative policing tasks.

It is used to search for, monitor, or control certain people at the request of the judicial, administrative, police or gendarmerie authorities.

It may also be consulted during administrative inquiries. For example, for recruitment in certain jobs.

The file is organized in 18 categories.

Each category groups RPF registrants under the same reason.

For example, category S groups RPF registrants to prevent a serious threat to public security or state security if information has been collected about them.

Some decisions of the judge result in the entry in the RPF: titleContent.

Example :

Research mandate, judicial review, suspension or cancelation of the driving license, prohibition on driving certain vehicles, prohibition on entering France, prohibition on stay, prohibition on entry to a stadium, prohibition on leaving the territory, entry in the Fijait: titleContent or at Finnish: titleContent, prohibition of participation in demonstrations on public roads

The administration may apply for registration in the RPF: titleContent in certain situations.

Example :

Person wanted to prevent a serious threat to public security or state security if real information or clues were collected about him, minor forbidden to leave France without the authorization of the 2 parents, runaway minor, person who did not deliver his invalidated driving license on time for balance of points zero, debtor of the public treasury, person who tried to illegally obtain a national identity card or a passport

A person may also be registered with the RPF if they are wanted in connection with a criminal investigation.

Example :

Disappearance of a person in disturbing or suspicious circumstances, discovery of an unidentified dead or living person, search for a fleeing person suspected of committing kidnapping.

The following information may be recorded in the RPF: titleContent :

  • On a registered person : civil status, sex, nationality, address, photos, reason for the search, what to do if found...
  • On a person who has been the victim of identity theft, if she gave his agreement : marital status, gender, nationality, address, photos...

People, individually designated and specially empowered, may consult the RPF: titleContent, in more or less extensive, including:

  • National police personnel
  • National gendarmerie personnel
  • Customs Officer
  • Officer of the Ministry of the Interior, Prefectures and Sub-Prefectures
  • Agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Agent of the National Council for Private Security Activities (CNAPS)
  • Officer of the National Travel Data Agency 
  • National Financial Intelligence Unit Officer
  • Officer, National Administrative Security Investigations
  • Nuclear Security Command Officer
  • Officer, National Travel Authorization Investigation Service (SNEAV)
  • Central Arms and Explosives Service (CWS) Officer
  • Specialized Intelligence Officer of the Ministry of the Armed Forces
  • Officer of the National Penitentiary Intelligence Service (SNRP)
  • Some magistrates
  • Judicial Services Officer responsible for the application for registration and the follow-up of judicial decisions resulting in registration with the RPF
  • Agent of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
  • Environment Inspector assigned to theOFB: titleContent

The information recorded in the RPF are communicated to the following persons and services only within the scope of their powers and under conditions :

  • International Cooperation Body for the Judicial Police and the foreigner Police Service
  • Municipal police officer, at the request of a police officer or gendarme to search for a missing person. Exceptionally, in order to avert a danger to the public, a police officer or gendarme may pass on certain information orally to a municipal police officer.
  • Service Agent Finnish: titleContent
  • Service Agent Fijait: titleContent

The information is retained until the search is completed or the reason for registration is extinguished.

For example, regarding the registration of a missing person in worrying conditions, the information becomes inaccessible to the consultant as soon as the person is discovered.

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General case

You have a right of access, of rectification, erasure and to limitation of your personal information stored in the RPF: titleContent.

However, these rights may be rejected or limited.

You must send your request by mail to director of the national police or at director of the national gendarmerie.

Specify file(s) to which you want access.

Attach a copy of a signed identity document.

You can receive a response to your request in a two-month period.

  • If your request is refused, the mail indicates that you can enter the Cnil: titleContent and/or make a judicial remedy in front of the Paris Administrative Court.
  • If you do not receive a reply within the 2-month period, your request is refused. You can file an application with the Cnil and/or the tribunal administratif de Paris on the basis of proof of sending your application dated 2 months or more.

Person registered with the RPF for reasons related to State security

The rights of access, rectification and erasure shall be exercised with the Cnil: titleContent for the following:

  • Wanted to prevent a serious threat to public security or state security if actual information or evidence has been collected about him or her
  • Person subject to certain individual administrative control and supervisory measures

The request to the Cnil: titleContent is done by mail.

Attach a copy of a signed ID to your application.

Who shall I contact

Please note

it is not possible to object to your registration in the RPF: titleContent, because this file is about public safety.

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