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Going on holiday: your Cab can help you

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Holidays in holiday villages or campsites, holiday camps, sports activities, leisure activities... Do you know that financial aid can be granted by your Family Allowance Fund (CAF) or by the Agricultural Social Union (MSA) when the cost of holidays is a brake to consider leaving? The Vacaf device, also called AVF, allows you to pay only the rest of the cost of the stay or holiday rental.

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At the beginning of the year, your CAC or MSA informs you of your rights regarding holiday aids, specifying the nature of these rights for your family or your children (length of stay, percentage of the aid, maximum amount...) and how to use them. They depend on your family quotient, your resources and your situation (working, unemployed...). As of 2023, entitlement notifications for family holiday assistance (FVA) and child holiday assistance (AVE) are no longer sent by post (except for those beneficiaries who have not provided their email address). They are available in the secure My Account area of the beneficiary entitled on

To download your notification of entitlement, log in to your My Account area on or on the mobile application Caf - My Account:

  • Click on “Mail” at the top right of the screen.
  • the notification letter will be in the "Unread" section before the first reading;
  • after the first consultation, the notification will be automatically transferred to the ‘History’ section;
  • the notification is then searchable and downloadable.


Every year, nearly 450 000 people benefit from this holiday assistance.

Family Vacation Assistance (AVF)

This help with family holidays is intended for low and middle income households. It allows you to book directly on the dedicated Vacaf website a family holiday by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside in one of the 3,600 holiday villages and campsites labeled, benefiting from reduced prices thanks to Vacaf aids. You will only pay the rest of the bill at your expense because the holiday aid is paid directly to the holiday center or the campsite.

For a stay to be considered

Family holidays (AVF)

, children must be accompanied by at least one of their parents. Your stay should be during school holidays if your children are of school age.

Children's Holiday Assistance (AVE)

The local children's holiday assistance (Avel) and the national children's holiday assistance (Aven) make it possible to finance the stays of children and teenagers in holiday centers approved by your Caf (colonies, camps...) close to your home or throughout France.

The Caf or the MSA can help you finance your children's stay in a certified colony


or a host of leisure activities near you. The aid is paid directly to the organizer, who deducts it from the remaining invoice. To find a stay, a colony or a camp in the centers labeled


, go to > Children.

Aid for social holidays (AVS)

This assistance is intended for low-income families who need support in their holiday plans. It can cover up to 90% of the cost of the stay. Bookings are made through a social worker who makes the reservation on the Vacaf website.

Travel aid for starting a holiday in 2023

Some CFAs offer transportation assistance for the holiday departure of families receiving assistance for family holidays (AVF) in 2023.

No special steps need to be taken in order to benefit from this aid. It will be automatically paid into the beneficiary family's bank account.

Free time vouchers

Some CFOs grant free-time vouchers (also called leisure tickets, free time passports, good Cif). These vouchers are used to finance children's leisure activities (e.g. sporting activities) and holiday expenses (e.g. colony, camp). They're prepaid. They can only be used during school holidays. The conditions for taking advantage of them and the amount of the vouchers vary from one CFO to another.

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