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Energy Renovation: all the help you can get

Publié le 15 février 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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Artisan performing energy renovation works in attic

Want to improve the insulation of your home? Do you plan to change your boiler to reduce your heating bill? You can benefit from aid to finance the energy renovation of your home. Discover all possible eco-renovation aids with the guide proposed by the Ministry of Economy!

The Ministry of Economy Guide lists all existing aid to finance the energy renovation works in your home. Some aids such as MaPrimeRénov, the zero rate eco-loan or the energy check are well known, others like the help « Living more serenity » National Housing Agency (Anah) or Energy company (EEC) Aids are less.

Eco-renovation aid

  • MaPrimeRénov: it is intended for all households, as well as condominiums and landlords. The amount of the premium is calculated based on the income and ecological gain of the work done in the main residence. In condominiums, the facility can also finance the renovation of communal areas.
  • National Housing Agency (Anah) "Living more serenity" Help : aid paid by Anah to low-income households to help them renovate their homes. Funding depends on the amount of work. The total amount of aid must not exceed € 18 000.
  • Zero-Rate Eco-Loan (Eco-PTZ): it allows you to finance the energy renovation of your home without any cash advance and without paying interest. The maximum amount of the Eco-PTZ is between €7,000 and €50,000 depending on the projects financed, for loan offers issued from 1to January 2022. This loan may be granted under conditions to a lessor or occupier and a syndicate of joint owners until December 31, 2023.
  • The bonus Energy saving boost: the device, Heating Boost and Insulation Boost, is open until 31 December 2021. The purpose of this device is to allow households in energy-insecure situations to benefit from additional aid. The amount of premiums depends on the level of household resources.
  • Energy check to help pay energy bills or renovations: it is a nominal aid for paying the energy bills of the house. It is allocated under resource conditions. Its amount, which is calculated based on your reference tax income (RFR) and consumption, varies from €48 to €277 per year.
  • Aid for energy supply companies (EEC): under the Energy Savings Certificates (EEC), energy supply companies (EDF, Engie, Total...) offer aid for the realisation of energy-saving works provided that they are carried out by a recognised environmental professional (GGE).
  • 5,5 % VAT for energy quality improvement works : if you renovate your accommodation, certain works can benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5,5 %. Housing must be completed for more than 2 years, it can be a main or secondary residence.
  • Denormandie tax reduction: the tax credit is extended until December 31, 2022. This measure allows individuals purchasing a home to renovate in certain neighbourhoods to benefit from an income tax reduction. The work must represent at least 25% of the price of the purchased accommodation. Accommodation purchased and renovated must be located in one of the 222 cities that benefit from the programme « City centre action ».
  • Exemption from property tax for energy-saving works: some communities (communes, departments...) temporarily exempt from property tax households that carry out energy-saving work. The exemption may be total or partial.
  • Local aid to finance your energy renovation work: there are also many local aids to improve the energy performance of your home. In order to find the help offered by your region or municipality, the National Agency for Housing Information (ANIL) proposes a tool which identifies such aid throughout the territory .

  FYI : You can access a financial aid simulator for energy renovation.


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