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Culture Pass: the collective share extends to 6th and 5th grade students!

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As of the 2023 school year, the collective share distributed under the Culture Pass is extended to students of 6e and 5eaccording to a decree and decree of 7 June 2023.

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The Culture Pass allows you to access, from the age of 15, whether or not you are in school, at a individual credit to access a multitude of cultural offerings (purchases of cultural, physical or digital goods, books, records, etc., and cultural outings).

The amount allocated to the young person is 20 € in the year of 15 years, 30 € in the year of 16 and 17 years. This credit is cumulative and expires on the eve of 18 years.

At the age of 18, the Culture pass gives access to a credit of 300 € valid for 24 months.

Since 2022, the scheme also includes a collective component, in addition to the individual component: a credit is granted to schools to enable them to finance artistic and cultural education (CAE) projects inside or outside the school walls.

The collective component has been focused on the 4 classese to the senior year. It is now extended to classes of 6e and 5e September 2023.

The amounts available per pupil and per school year will be the same for all schoolchildren: €25 for pupils from 6e at 3e .