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Operation Summer Quarters renewed in 2023

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Do you live in a priority area and want your children to enjoy the summer? Be aware that the device Summer districts shall be renewed. It is being deployed as part of departmental calls for projects enabling associations and local and regional authorities in contact with residents of priority neighborhoods to organize activities and stays during the summer.

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“It is essential that all young people can go on holiday or at least have activities during the summer, regardless of the neighborhood where they live.” This is the objective of the operation Summer districts since its inception. The 2023 edition is organized around two major national orientations: a time of breathing and discovery, a time of meetings and strengthening the social bond.

Departmental programming co-financed by local authorities, supported by inter-partner actions (associations, inhabitants, local authorities, companies, etc.), offers different types of activities:

  • of meetings and events between neighborhoods ;
  • of evening and weekend activities to facilitate access to as many people as possible and to animate the public space during the summer period;
  • of mixed and intergenerational activities aimed at an audience generally less likely to benefit from cultural and leisure activities;
  • of stays for 4,000 young people aged 16 to 25 through a partnership between the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion and the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers (ANCV).

An operation complementing other devices

Other national schemes complement the operation:

  • The Ville Vie Vacances (VVV) program is aimed at young people in priority neighborhoods who do not go on holiday so that they can benefit from free activities, cultural, civic, sports and leisure activities and educational support during the summer.
  • The Summer Culture program, also created in 2020, aims to address social, artistic and territorial issues. It complements three operations already deployed during the summer: That's my heritage, Go to books and Open-air cinema/image smuggler.
  • Open School and Learning Holidays.

Please note

information on the 2023 programming of Summer districts are available from the municipalities.


in 2022, nearly one million residents, including 400,000 young people, participated in the operation Summer districts and more than 15,000 events have been organized.