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Can you get a zero-interest loan in your municipality?

Publié le 30 octobre 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The PTZ facility (zero-interest loan) is open under certain conditions, including the geographical location of the dwelling to be acquired. A simulator lets you know if you can access it in your community. Originally planned until the end of 2023, this accession aid scheme will be extended until 2027. introduces you to the simulator and the adjustments announced on the PTZ.

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The PTZ is a household support scheme created in 1995 for a means-tested purchase of a main residence. Its interest rate at 0% allows beneficiaries to repay only the borrowed capital.

It is proposed by the bank when designing the financing plan for a real estate purchase. The PTZ cannot finance the entire purchase, but only a portion, the maximum of which is now set at 40%. Conventional bank financing can complement the rest of the loan.

The PTZ can be applied to partially finance a purchase of housing:

  • new or to be constructed;
  • old (completed more than 5 years ago, including renovations or energy-saving work);
  • social.

PTZ: Can you ask?

The PTZ is for individuals who did not own their primary residence during the 2 years prior to loan application (not required for some profiles).

Obtaining the loan depends on several conditions : the level of resources, the geographical location of the dwelling purchased, the type of project or the composition of the household; your income must not exceed a certain ceiling which varies according to the geographical area of the future dwelling. offers you a simulator to use if you apply for PTZ by the end of 2023: Is PTZ possible in your municipality?

By indicating only the municipality in which the dwelling to be acquired is located, you can know:

  • in which area (A, Abis, B1, B2 or C) the municipality is located;
  • the type of PTZ you can request.

Post-2023 accommodations

The Minister of Economy announced in a press release of October 18 the extension of the PTZ until 2027 and the introduction of new provisions, including on the scale of resources to be applied (it has not been revised since 2016) and the development of tense housing:

  • reserved for new collective housing units in stretched areas and for old housing units requiring work, located in the rest of the territory.
  • increased income limits for the first two brackets of the scale, with the aim of extending assistance to middle-class households.
  • share of the building project that can be financed through the PTZ increased to 50% (from 40% currently);
  • for social housing tenants wishing to purchase their housing, a 20% TWP (compared to 10% currently).

Please note

the property purchased will have to become the principal residence up to one year after purchase, or completion of the works in the case of new property. If the acquisition concerns a property to be occupied on retirement, retirement must take place no later than 6 years after the signature of the purchase or the completion of the work.