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Ecological bonus: which new vehicles are eligible?

Publié le 09 février 2024 - Mise à jour le 23 avril 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Since 10 October 2023, a new criterion applies on new cars for eligibility for the ecological bonus: the environmental score. A new decree of 15 April 2024 provides the updated list of vehicles concerned. Environmental score, ecological bonus, provides an update on these two concepts.

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Intended for individuals and professionals, the ecological bonus is a aid for the purchase or rental of a new or used electric vehicle and/or hydrogen (only for individuals in the latter case) with a low carbon footprint. The purpose of this government assistance, introduced as part of the energy transition, is to encourage the purchase of so-called “clean” vehicles.

Since 10 October, a new criterion has been applied to define the new vehicles eligible for the ecological bonus: this is the environmental score.

Please note

the environmental score is one of the eligibility criteria for the eco-bonus for new passenger cars. This criterion is also taken into account in the eligibility for social leasing for these vehicles.


since 1er january 2023, a natural person can benefit from the ecological bonus for a new private car or for a used private car once every 3 years.

What is the environmental score?

A decree of October 7, 2023 announced the creation of this new eligibility criterion for new electric cars, intended to take account of the environmental and climatic impact of the production and transport of the vehicle.

To qualify for the eco bonus, the vehicle must now meet a minimum environmental score and be part of the list defined by the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe).

An order of 14 December 2023 amended by a order of 15 april 2024 lists the versions of electric passenger cars that have achieved the minimum environmental score specified in the Energy Code.

This list details:

  • the make of the vehicle;
  • the model of the vehicle;
  • the variant version type (TVV: vehicle finishes and specifications).

Consult the list of versions of electric passenger cars that have achieved the minimum environmental score making eligibility conditional on certain aid for the purchase or hire of low-emission vehicles.

Ecological bonus reminders

The ecological bonus can reach up to €7,000 for a new passenger car (subject to income conditions) and €1,000 for a used passenger car.

The exact amount of aid depends on the price of the vehicle, the nature of the applicant (individual or legal person) and the reference tax income per unit in the case of a natural person.

If the beneficiary lives overseas, a surcharge of € 1 000 applies for a new private car.

Note that for a new car, the ecological bonus can only be granted if the purchase price of the vehicle is less than € 47,000.

For more information on the conditions for awarding the ecological bonus, see the : Eco bonus for a car.


ecological bonus should not be confused with conversion bonus. The conversion premium is aid for the purchase of a new or used low-emission vehicle in exchange for the scrapping of a Crit'Air 3 or older vehicle, intended for legal and natural persons on income terms.