Insurance of associations

Verified 03 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you wondering when an association should take out insurance and what risks it should cover? We'll give you the information you need.

Liability insurance is used to compensate employees, volunteers, members and directors of the association for damage caused or suffered.

It can also guarantee the damage (damage) caused to participants, spectators or users of the association.

If a member of the association injures another member, the civil liability guarantee takes place if the contract provides that they are considered to be unrelated.

The law requires the following associations to take out liability insurance:

  • Sports associations and federations, associations organizing sporting events, associations operating physical and sporting activities establishments
  • Approved municipal hunting associations
  • Associations for the organization or sale of individual or group trips or stays
  • Associations managing childcare establishments for children under 6 (crèches, drop-in centers, etc.)
  • Associations organizing the reception of minors or operating places of accommodation for minors
  • Management associations of institutions providing care for children or adolescents with intellectual disabilities
  • Associations active in prevention, diagnosis or care

An association vehicle owner must take out civil liability insurance (compulsory third-party insurance) to cover damage while the vehicle is in use.

The association may choose a extended warranty.


when a volunteer uses his or her own car as part of his or her community activity, it is up to the volunteer to insure his or her vehicle.

One tenant association must subscribe to a rental risk guarantee to cover damage to the building in the event of fire, water damage or explosion.

Subscription is not required if the association owns of his premises. However, the subscription is highly recommended.

The association may choose a extended warranty to cover, in particular, damage to neighbors or third parties and damage to property.

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