Is the employee entitled to participation and profit-sharing during parental leave?

Verified 12 July 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Where the company pays a premium of participation and/or profit-sharing to employees, the premium shall be received by the employee in parental leave if he worked during part of the year taken into account for the calculation of the entitlements.


a requirement that the employee has been with the undertaking for a period of service (Maximum 3 months).

The amount of the premium depends on the following award criteria of the participation or profit sharing agreement:

  • Or by a uniform distribution between each employee
  • Or as a proportion of the salary paid to the employee
  • Or in proportion to the employee's time in the enterprise.

Please note

If the employee has been absent during the whole year, he or she may not receive a bonus if the award is made in proportion to the wages or time spent in the company. It will be able to benefit from this if the agreement provides for a uniform distribution among all employees.

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