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Certificate of Administrative Status (non-pledge and non-opposition)

Verified 19 July 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You want a carte grise (now called certificate of registration) for a motor vehicle registered in France. You must do this on behalf of the new owner, after transfer. The Vehicle Administrative Status Certificate (CSA) must be delivered by the seller to the buyer before the transfer. The CSA guarantees the buyer that no pledge or opposition will prevent the transaction and a new registration.

Formerly known as the "non-pledge certificate", the certificate of administrative status proves on the one hand the absence of pledge on the vehicle and, on the other hand, that there is no opposition to the transfer of the carte grise.

This document indicates whether or not a pledge or an opposition.

It includes the 2 types of mentions. The CSA is a single document.

The document must be dated less than 15 days.

If it contains references, the CSA shall indicate:

  • the vehicle is pledged
  • the vehicle is opposed to the change of ownership.

You must provide the new owner with an Administrative Status Certificate (CSA).


the CSA is not issued for a foreign registered motor vehicle.

The APF shall disclose all information concerning the vehicle's situation which must be made known to the purchaser.

If the CSA indicates that the vehicle is earned, the purchaser is so informed. The presence of a pledge does not prevent the sale of the vehicle.

However, if the notice of opposition is given, the sale of the vehicle cannot take place until the opposition is terminated. The administrative situation of the vehicle must be regulated.

You can obtain the CSA via the Histovec website:

HistoVec: history and administrative status of a used vehicle

If the vehicle is won or objected to, you must first regularise the situation depending on the nature of the block.

You can then get the pledge or opposition raised

How to get the pledge raised?

If the vehicle is won, it is usually because you acquired it with a credit.

You have repaid the credit in full so that the financial institution can terminate the pledge.

The CSA without a pledge can then be issued to you.

How do we get the opposition to lift?

Judicial Opposition

As long as the Stolen Vehicle File (FV), the opposition cannot be lifted.

If the stolen vehicle is found, the FVV registration is automatically lifted as soon as your vehicle is returned to you.

The APF without an objection can then be issued to you.

Opposition by a Commissioner of Justice (former judicial officer)

If this is an objection requested by a Justice Commissioner in the context of a seizure, you can get a waiver from the justice commissioner. It is usually obtained by paying the amount he claimed.

The APF without an objection can then be issued to you.

Treasury Opposition

The opposition may be requested by the Treasury under a fine for traffic offence. This is the case when the Treasury has found that you no longer live at the address registered in the Vehicle Registration System (SIV). You must then contact the tax centre to pay the corresponding debt.

The APF without an objection can then be issued to you.

Opposition from an automotive expert

The opposition may be requested by the automotive experts in the case of economically irreparable vehicles (VEIs) or severely damaged vehicles (VGAs)). A new expertise must then be carried out (e.g. after work on the vehicle has been carried out).

As long as the expert considers the vehicle to fall within one of these categories (VEI or VGA), the opposition cannot be lifted. The vehicle cannot be handed over only to a demolisher.