Certificate of administrative status (non-pledge and non-opposition)

Verified 02 November 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You go buy or you sell one second-hand vehicle already registered in France ? The person who sells it must obligatory give the buyer a certificate of administrative status (CSA) prior to assignment. Carte grise The CSA guarantees the purchaser that no pledge or objection will prevent the transfer of ownership and the issuance of a new registration certificate (ex-vehicle). We present you with the information you need to know.

This is a document formerly known as non-pledge certificate.

This document refers to theexistence or not of a pledge on the vehicle or a opposition carte grise the transfer of.

It groups in a single document the 2 types of terms.

If it contains particulars, the APF shall indicate:

  • either the vehicle is pledged,
  • or that the vehicle is the subject of an opposition to the change of ownership.


the APF is not not issued for a motor vehicle registered abroad.

Yeah. Yeah. This document must obligatory be delivered by the seller to the buyer prior to assignment.

The APF indicates if the vehicle is pledge or if it is subject to a opposition. The purchaser is thus informed.

The the presence of a pledge does not prevent the sale of the vehicle.

However, if he mentions a opposition, the sale of vehicle cannot take place until the opposition is over.

Seller must use a online service :

Apply for a Used Vehicle Administrative Status Certificate (HistoVec)

The APF is available immediately.

The seller can

  • either print the report and hand it over to the buyer,
  • either share the link, which allows the buyer to view the report on the official administration website, called Histovec.

The document must be less than 15 days old.

If the vehicle is pledged or objected to, the seller must first, regularize the situation depending on the nature of the blockage.

Then he can to obtain clearance pledge or opposition.

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How do I get the pledge lifted?

If the vehicle is pledged, it is usually because you acquired it with a credit.

You must to have repaid the credit in full so that the financial institution may terminate pledge.

The CSA without mention of pledge can then be issued to you.

How can the opposition be lifted?

The opposition can be of different kinds.

Judicial opposition

As long as there is registration in the Stolen Vehicles Index (VFR), opposition cannot be lifted.

If the stolen vehicle is found, the registration in the FVV is automatically lifted as soon as your vehicle is returned.

The CSA without an objection may then be issued to you.

Opposition by a Commissioner of Justice (formerly bailiff)

If it is an objection requested by a Commissioner of Justice as part of a seizure, you can get a lift from the Commissioner of Justice. It is usually obtained in paying the amount which he asked for.

The CSA without an objection may then be issued to you.

Opposition from the public purse

The objection may be requested by the public treasury in the context of a fine for traffic offenses. This is the case when the Consolidated Revenue Fund has determined that you no longer live at the address registered in the Vehicle Registration System (VRS). You must then contact the tax center to settle the corresponding debt.

The CSA without an objection may then be issued to you.

Objection by a motor vehicle expert

Opposition may be requested by car experts, in the case of Economically irreparable vehicles (EVs) or severely damaged vehicles (VGAs)). A new assessment must then be carried out (for example after the work on the vehicle has been carried out).

As long as the expert considers the vehicle to fall within one of these categories (VEI or VGA), the opposition cannot be lifted. The vehicle cannot be yielded only to a demoliser.

Apply for a Used Vehicle Administrative Status Certificate (HistoVec)

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