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Sell or donate your vehicle

Verified 16 June 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

When you sell or donate your vehicle, you must give certain documents to the new owner. You must also notify the administration about the online service of the National Secured Securities Agency (ANTS). It is no longer possible to file or send your transfer declaration to the prefecture. We inform you of the steps to follow.

Step-by-step approach

The carte grise must be in the name of the person who sells the vehicle.

If you have moved since the carte grise was obtained, you must have changed your address before the sale (or donation). The carte grise must indicate your address at the time of sale (or donation).

Only the vehicle owner can sell the vehicle. If there is more than one co-holder, all the persons mentioned on the carte grise must be signed.


if the vehicle is rented with a purchase option (LOA), also called car leasing, you can't sell it. Only the lender, who owns the vehicle, can do so.

If you sell or donate your vehicle over 4 years of age to an individual, you must provide the purchaser with a technical inspection.

The check shall be carried out in an approved centre.

Must be less than 6 months old.

Therefore, if your last check is older, a new visit is required. It will be done at your own expense.

Please note

a vehicle may be sold without technical inspection if it is under 4 years of age or if it is sold to a automotive professional. Some vehicles are also technical inspection.

If the result of the technical inspection is favourable, the inspection centre shall immediately issue you the inspection report. You have to give it to the buyer.

Otherwise, a countervisit may be imposed within a maximum period of 2 months after the initial visit. Only the defects that justified the countervisit will be checked again. This is to verify that the prescribed repairs have been carried out. You then have 2 possibilities:

  • You can either have your car repaired at your own expense, then pass the counter-visit, so that you can give the buyer the initial inspection report along with the counter-visit report
  • Either you sell your car as it is, which means it has to be sold less than 2 months after initial visit. It will be the buyer who will carry out the counter-visit. But, if you exceed the 2 months, you will have to do a complete check again.


in case of one or more critical failures, you must cross-check and repair (or repairs) before selling your vehicle to an individual. A non-rolling vehicle cannot be offered for sale to an individual. You can only sell the non-rolling vehicle to a professional with a Siret.

You must provide the buyer with a certificate of administrative status.

This certificate is obtained immediately on the Internet on the website of the National Secured Securities Agency (ANTS) at the time of your transfer declaration.

Formerly called non-pledge certificate, this document proves that you did not give your car as collateral for a loan.

It also allows you to prove that you paid all your tickets correctly.

If you don't get it, the Treasury (the centre of your taxes) has opposed transferring your carte grise.


to inform and reassure your buyer before signing the sale, you can send a link to your vehicle history report, which you have generated on the HistoVec website. This service is free and allows sellers and future buyers to share information about the technical control and the administrative situation of the vehicle.

HistoVec: history and administrative status of a used vehicle

You can make the declaration of the transfer of the vehicle yourself or go through a licenced professional. If you give away your vehicle, you have to do that as well.

You make the statement yourself

On the website of the National Secured Securities Agency (ANTS), you must file your transfer return (even in the case of a donation).

Credits : CHILDREN

You must log on to the ANTS website either via France Connect, or by using the login and password of your ANTS user account. If you do not have an ANTS user account, you must create one.

Report the sale or donation of your vehicle

You must, in a 1to time, fill in several information obtained from the future owner (surname, first name, date of birth, ...).

This information is necessary even if you sell or transfer your vehicle to the foreigner.

You must then download and print the 2 documents that appear on the screen:

  • Cerfa form no. 15776, called a transfer certificate
  • Certificate of Administrative Status

The assignment code also appears on the screen: write down this code. It is valid for 15 days. It is to be given to the future owner. It will secure and facilitate its administrative procedures on the ANTS website. He will allow her to ask for the new carte grise in her name.

At this stage of the process, there are 2 cases:

  • The transfer of the vehicle has not yet taken place: you can temporarily exit the process and resume it once the transaction is completed. You will need to log in to the "My steps in progress" section of your ANTS space.
  • The assignment has already taken place: you must then validate your transfer return.


the declaration of transfer must be completed on the internet within 15 days of the signing of the certificate of transfer.

To complete your transfer declaration on the Internet on the site of the ANTS, you will have to provide the following information:

  • Date and time of transfer
  • Vehicle mileage
  • New Owner Full Address

On the telemarketing finalisation screen, you can download an acknowledgement of your vehicle transfer declaration.

Of numeric points (with computers, printers and scanners) are available in every prefecture and in most sub-prefectures. You can do the process there. You can be helped by digital mediators if you encounter difficulties using the internet.

You can also be accompanied by a France Services establishment or a public service house:

Who shall I contact
You go through a licenced professional

You can file your transfer return through a private agent authorised by the ministry of the interior.

You must provide the applicant with the supporting documents required to register the assignment on the SSA website.

The proxy will need to connect to sound account ANTS (not yours) or will create one in its name.

This person will have to indicate that he or she is doing the process for you (button "For someone else").

For security reasons, you will need to provide the 5-digit PIN on the letter you received with your carte grise.

On the day of the sale of your vehicle, you must complete and sign the cerfa form n°15776 with the buyer.

This is the required sales document of your vehicle. It is made in 2 copies, of which 1 will be given to the buyer.

You must complete the 2 copies of this document yourself.

The box at the bottom of this form, calledsales certificate, must be signed by you and the buyer. You must give him copy 2 of the form, and you must keep copy 1.

You must certify the mileage travelled since the 1re registration of the vehicle, unless you purchased it yourself. In this case, you may include on the transfer declaration, after indicating the mileage entered in the metre, the "not guaranteed".

You have an obligation to inform the buyer about the condition and essential characteristics of the car. You should mention its general maintenance condition and the existence of any defective or replacement parts (wear of brake disks, shock absorbers, oil leakage etc.). You must also tell the buyer if the car was damaged and the severity of the accident(s).


defects in the vehicle and their consequences discovered after sale, may be subject to buyer appeal. This remedy is possible even if it has accepted an additional clause to limit your liability.

Carte grise Delivery

Once the sale is concluded, you must give the buyer the carte grise of the vehicle.

You've got to line it up and say something about it, in a way that's readable and unalterable. "sold" with the date (day/month/year) and the time of the assignment, followed by your signature.

If you sell your car to the foreigner outside the European Union, add the "export sale" on the carte grise.

The detachable coupon is to be filled, except in case of sale to a automotive professional.

You must complete the back of the detachable coupon by entering the name of the purchaser. You must sign at the specified place, without cutting the detachable coupon. If there is one or more joint holders, the signature of each of them is mandatory.

You have to full from the carte grise to the purchaser of the vehicle.

The detachable coupon allows the buyer to travel for 1 month with the vehicle, while receiving the new carte grise to his name.


the detachable coupon does not allow movement on the foreigner. The foreigner purchaser will have to register the vehicle in his/her country of residence.

The sale of a vehicle registered in the old system (NIF), type "123 AB 45", will result in the issue of a new registration certificate. A new registration number will be assigned to you in the format "AB-123-CD" in the vehicle registration system (SIV).

Delivery of other documents

You must also provide the buyer with the following documents:

  • Copy 2 of the transfer certificate
  • Code of assignment obtained on the Internet during your transfer declaration on the site of the ANTS
  • Certificate of Administrative Status, dated less than 15 days, also obtained on the site of the ANTS
  • Technical inspection report less than 6 months old if your vehicle is subject to it

It is also advisable to present to the prospective buyer certain documents, which are not mandatory but useful:

  • Car Maintenance Log
  • Maintenance and Repair Invoices
  • If your car is sold to the foreigner: european vehicle certificate of conformity and approval (available from the concessionaire) + export certificate (to be requested from the geographically competent customs office)
  • Histovec Report of your vehicle, which records its complete history

Don't forget to notify your insurer of the sale of your vehicle so that it terminate your insurance contract.

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