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What if the gray card contains an error?

Verified 23 December 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If you notice an error on your gray card, you must report it via the National Secured Securities Agency's (ANTS) remote service. You will receive a new corrected card.

You should do this if you notice an error on your gray card, such as an input error on your address or on your first or last name (spelling error or unaccented uppercase name).

It can be

  • an error concerning the technical characteristics of your vehicle (power in CV of the vehicle)
  • or a postal code error that causes the regional tax to be priced incorrectly


not all information appears on the gray card.. So, for example, the detail of your address, your 2second First name or your username are not indicated, but the information is well recorded by the authorities. So this is not a mistake.

The request is made online using the following remote service:

Request correction of gray card error

You must identify yourself through France Connect..

Of numeric points (with computers, printers and scanners) are available in each prefecture and in most sub-prefectures. You can accomplish the process, helped by mediators if you encounter difficulties with the use of the Internet.

You can also be accompanied in your walk in a house of services to the public.

Who shall I contact


it is no longer possible to request a gray card from the prefecture or the sub-prefecture.

You must have a digital copy (photo or scan) of the following documents:

  • Gray card bearing the error to be corrected
  • Correction of error (examples: proof of residence to correct an error in the holder's address, jproof of identity for correcting an error in entering a first or last name)

If you're going to do it for someone else, you need a digital copy of the mandate signed and identification..

To reduce processing time, you can provide any useful details in the free input field to support your request.

At the end of the procedure, you will get:

  • a file number,
  • an acknowledgement of your application
  • and an Interim Certificate of Registration (ICC), which you must print out. The CPI allows you to travel for 1 month, only in France, waiting to receive your gray card.

If the administration finds a difference between the cost that has been collected and the cost that should have been collected (taking into account the changes), it can, depending on the case, claim the difference or pay it back to you.

This may be the case in particular if the error concerns:

  • the vehicle's CV power, higher or lower,
  • or the postal code that causes the regional tax to be priced incorrectly.

You will have to pay any taxes by credit card, to finalize your procedure after the verification of your file by the authorities.

However, if the modification has no cost consequences, the correction is free.

You will receive the final gray card under secure fold at home a delay that may vary.. You can follow the progress of its manufacture online:

Follow your gray card request