What is the naturalization ceremony (reception in French citizenship)?

Verified 24 August 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The welcoming ceremony in French nationality is a ceremony during which the charter of rights and duties of french citizens it's given to you.

Who is involved in the ceremony?

You are affected if you have acquired french nationality by decree or declaration:

However, you are not concerned if you made a statement because of your state possession of French.

Who is organizing the ceremony?

The ceremony is organized by the prefect of department (in Paris, by the police commissioner), a mayor or the French consular authority competent.

When is the ceremony?

You will receive the invitation to the ceremony within 6 months from acquisition of French nationality.

If you are become French due to your birth in France of 2 foreigners parents, you will receive the invitation within 6 months from issue of the certificate of french nationality.

Are you entitled to a leave of absence to attend the ceremony?

If you are an employed person, you and your spouse have the right to benefit from a leave of at least half a day to attend the ceremony.

You must present your invitation to the ceremony to your employer.

The duration of this leave cannot be deducted from your annual paid leave.

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