Can you have several nationalities in France?

Verified 06 September 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Yes, it is possible to have multiple nationalities in France. For example, a dual nationality or 3 nationalities.

At birth

Plurinationality can exist from birth. For example, in the case of a child whose parents are of different nationalities.

A child is recognized as a national in one of two ways:

  • By application of the right of the ground, that is, because he was born in this country.
  • By application of the blood law, i.e. by filiation, i.e. a legal relationship between a child and his father and/or mother, because his parents are nationals of that country.

During the child's minority

The minor child becomes French when one of his parents becomes French if the 2 conditions the following are completed:

  • The child resides usually with this parent (or alternatively in the case of divorce or separation)
  • The child's name is appropriate in the decree of naturalization or the statement of French nationality of the parent (marriage, ascendant, sibling)

Thus, the child may be French and have another nationality.

The child may also have two other nationalities if his parents have a different nationality.

By naturalization or declaration

The multi-nationality can be acquired by naturalization or by declaration (marriage, ascendant...).

Indeed, French law does not require than a foreigner turned Frenchman renounces his nationality of origin.

French law also does not require than a French national who has acquired another nationality renounces French nationality.

Example :

A British national who has acquired French nationality retains his British nationality.

A Frenchman who has acquired British nationality retains his French nationality.

When a person becomes French by naturalization or declaration, he indicates to the instructor department the nationality or nationalities it already has. She clarifies the nationality or nationalities it wishes to retain in addition to French nationality, and the nationality or nationalities which it wishes to renounce.

A binational or plurinational Frenchman has all the rights and obligations attached to french nationality.

This rule applies in the same way to a French having acquired another nationality, or to a foreigner became French.

A foreigner in France can to lose plurinationality if a change in the situation changes his nationality because of the legislation of the States concerned or of international agreements.

A Frenchman who has acquired another nationality may lose French nationality by declaration.

French nationality may be withdrawn in the event of conviction for certain crimes.

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