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After eye surgery, do you need to apply for a new driver's licence?

Verified 04 avril 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

If you no longer need glasses or lenses after eye surgery, you should apply for new licence for delete 01.

This 01 means that you must wear a driver correction device.

You ask your ophthalmologist for a certificate proving that you have undergone the operation.

Then take medical check-in appointment with a licenced physician.

This doctor should not be your attending physician.

You can consult the list of accredited doctors on the websites of the prefectures.

The list of accredited doctors is also available in prefectures, sub-prefectures and in the town halls of certain communes.

Who shall I contact

General case

Who shall I contact

In Paris

Who shall I contact

On the day of the check, prepare the following documents:

  • Medical Notice Form cerfa 14880. You have to pre-fill it before the test.
  • Original ID
  • Original driving licence
  • All the information you find useful about your health

At the end of the check, the doctor will give you the original medical opinion.

The application for the new driving licence is made online on the website of theCHILDREN.

You must attach the scanned version of the doctor's opinion to the other documents requested.

Online application for a driving licence upon expiry

National Secured Securities Agency

Accessible with FranceConnect or identifiers CHILDREN. If you don't have one, you are asked to create an account to have a personal space on the ANTS website.

You follow the production and sending of your driving licence online.

Once connected to your space CHILDREN, you view your request in the dashboard.

Driver's licence: follow the progress of his driving application

National Secured Securities Agency

Accessible with FranceConnect or with your IDs.

Shipping driver's licenceExpert Letter.

This is a secure shipment, with hand-over against signature.

  • The address you specify during the online procedure must be as complete as possible
    (building number, flat number, mailbox number, floor, corridor, staircase, "resident",...)
  • Your mailbox must include the first and last name of the person receiving the mail.

If you are absent when the postman passes, you must go to the Post Office in the 15 days with your notice of passage or with the number of the Expert Letter.

If you couldn't get to the Post Office within 15 days, you don't have to do anything.

Your permit will be sent to you.

In other cases, contactCHILDREN via the contact form: