What is the fine for non-compliance with a driving license restriction (wearing glasses...)?

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Depending on your situation, you may be subject to certain restrictions to drive.

For example, a restriction related to your vision: you have to wear glasses or lenses to drive.

Each restriction is mentioned on the driving license with a code (codified additional entry).

The code is indicated in back of the driving license (credit card format), in the column 12.

For example, code 01 indicates that you must wear glasses or lenses to drive.

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The infographic explains the information on the driving license:

Front of the driving license:

1. Name of holder

2. Surname of the holder

3. Date and place of birth of holder

4a. Date of issue of the certificate

4b. End date of validity of the security

4c. Issuing authority

5. Title number

7. Signature of the holder

9. Categories of permits

Unnumbered legend: symbol and name of the State which issued the driving license

Reverse side of the permit:

9. Categories of permits

10. Date of 1re issue of each category of permit

11. Expiry date of each license category

12. Restrictive codes. For example: 01.01 for glasses

Unnumbered Legend: File Number (NEPH Number)

The full list and updated of restrictive particulars (codified additional entry) is available on the Légifrance website.

Examples additional codified terms (each term indicates the driving obligation to be complied with):

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Particulars relating to the driver, for medical reasons

The codified wording indicates which obligation you must comply with to drive.

01. Eyesight correcting or protecting device

02. Hearing aid or communication aid

Particulars concerning the vehicle

10. Adapted gearbox

15. Adapted clutch

20. Adapted braking mechanisms

25. Adapted acceleration mechanism

31. Adaptations and protections of pedals

35. Suitable control devices (lamps, wipers and windshield washers, warning lights, flashing lights, etc.)

40. Adapted direction

42. Modified rear and side vision devices

43. Driver's seat position

Particulars concerning driving

61. Restricted to day trips (for example, one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset)

63. Driving without passengers

65. Driving only authorized accompanied by a holder of a driving license of at least equivalent category

66. Without trailer

67. No motorway driving

69. The vehicle shall be equipped with an approved start-stop breathalyzer (EAD)

Particulars relating to the procedures for obtaining the permit

70. Permit obtained abroad, exchanged for a French permit

78. Permit limited to vehicles with automatic gear change (to be able to drive a car with manual gearbox, you must complete a 7-hour training course in a certified driving school).

79. (motorhome / motorhome including the PTAC: titleContent > 3 500 kg). Concerns the B-permit obtained in France before 20 January 1975. This mention on your license indicates that you can drive a camper of more than 3500 kg of PTAC in any the European Union.

96. Concerns the B-permit. This statement on your license means that you can drive a coupled car with a trailer with a maximum authorized mass exceeding 750 kg and where the maximum authorized mass of the combination is greater than 3 500 kg but less than 4 250 kg

When a roadside inspection, failure to comply with the restrictions indicated on your driving license is punishable by a fine of up to €750.

In general, it is a flat-rate fine of €135.

3 points are withdrawn your driver's license.

Your vehicle may be immobilized.

You may also additional penalties following:

  • Suspension of the license for a period of up to 3 years (accommodation possible outside the professional activity)
  • Prohibition on driving certain vehicles, including vehicles without a license, for a period of up to 3 years
  • Obligation to perform, at your expense, a road safety awareness course

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