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What do the codes added to Licence B mean?

Verified 05 February 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Some additional information are sometimes added to line 12 of permit B.

These codes specify your right to drive: administrative restriction, medical restriction, vehicle adaptation...


Code 1 means that you have to wear a driver correction device.

The code for glasses is 01.01.

The code for the lenses is and 01.02.

Please note

if you are wearing lenses, it is recommended to have your corrective glasses in the vehicle.


Code 2 means you have to wear hearing aids to drive.

Adapted gearbox

Restrictive code 10 means that you have obtained a B licence on a gearbox adapted to a physical disability.

Automatic transmission gearbox

Code 10.02 means that you have obtained a B licence on an automatic transmission gearbox.

Ethylotest (alcohol)

Code 69 means that you have obtained the B licence with the obligation to drive a vehicle equipped with an approved anti-start test (EAD) device.

Permit obtained by exchange

Code 70 means that your licence was obtained through the exchange of a foreign licence.

Automatic gearbox

Restrictive code 78 means that your B licence is limited to auto-changing vehicles.


in order to drive a manual car, you have to follow a 7-hour training in labelled autoschool minimum 3 months after the permit.

Camping-car of + 3 500 kg

The code 79 (motor home/motor caravan with a PTAC exceeding 3,5 tons) means that you retain the rights to your licence B obtained before 20 January 1975.

This entry authorises a motorhome of + 3,5 tons abroad.

Trailer Car

Code 96 on permit B means that you can drive a car with a trailer under the following conditions:

  • PTAC: titleContent greater than 750 kg,
  • and PTAC of the whole, car + trailer, greater than 3 500 kg but less than 4250 kg.


to obtain additional 96, you must follow a 7-hour training in a car school or approved association .